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Episode 47: Colorado Good Ol' Boys

Episode 47: Colorado Good Ol' Boys

This week we sit down with the Colorado Good O'l Boys — Connor Patterson, Parker Fisher & Jon Comiskey — at No Limits Archery in Denver. These young men are perfect examples of having a Wilderness Attitude. They grew up fishing and camping as children and as adults, began hunting big game and water fowl. Their passion for the wilderness is evident in everything they do from teaching youth about the outdoors to starting the CO GOB and sharing their love for the wilderness with others. They share many adventures including their most memorable bird hunt in -25 degree temperatures. 


:36- Intro Connor Patterson, Parker Fisher & Jon Comiskey.

3:08- Parker & Connor's experience growing up camping & fishing but did not start hunting until they were older. They talk about the point when they were introduced to hunting and their 1st hunting experience and then getting into hunting water fowl & big game animals.

6:40- Jon's experience of always wanting to be a hunter from growing up with a father who hunted and always being around animals because his grandparents were taxidermied their own animals. 

7:52- Coming up with the Colorado Good Ol' Boys and what they envision it to be in the future.

13:05- Keeping their company real, showing the tradition of hunting and the journey of the hunt. They like to show the full hunting experience, not just the trophy.

14:45- Jon's passion for working with youth and getting kids outdoors. It's more than just the hunt, it's creating memories that will last you a lifetime.

17:33- Parker's experience as a backpacking guide for high school students and how cool it is to see them grow over the week they are in the wilderness.

20:21- Connor's favorite memory of the wilderness duck hunting.

21:40- Parker's favorite memory of a 3-man limit duck hunt.

24:36- Jon's favorite memory of taking his little sister on her first duck hunt.

26:43- The most memorable hunt the 3 of them went on together in negative 25 degree temperatures.

36:42- Why they are so fascinated with water fowl hunting.

41:12- Connor & Parker's careers outside of Colorado Good Ol' Boys. How Connor balances his work, marriage, hunting & leading worship at church and how Parker's path to real estate is going as well as how his involvement in youth leadership can be applied to the CO Good Ol' Boys.

45:10- The 7 principals of Leave no Trace that Parker teaches youth.

49:00- Jon's career in Youth Life camps & his vision for his future.

51:36- Jon's close encounters with bear at Young Life camps.

53:10- The endless possibilities for CO GOB and the experience living their childhood dream of working and playing in the outdoors.

01:01- Wrapping up