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Episode 45: Jesse Hula

Episode 45: Jesse Hula

Joining us for the last Alaska series podcast is 23 year old Alaska Hunting and Fishing Guide at Royal Wolf Lodge, Jesse Hula. Jesse made the decision right after high school to head to Alaska in search of his dream job, fishing for a living, and he is now living that dream. He talks about everything fishing, hunting & the outdoors and what it has been like to accomplish so much at such a young age, including recently getting his private pilot license. Jesse also shares some pretty epic adventures hunting brown bear and what it is like to experience the salmon run.



1:23- Intro Jesse Hula 

3:47- Jesse talks about getting his girlfriend into fly fishing and how amazing fishing in Alaska is.

6:45- Jesse's background of growing up in Oregon hunting & fishing with his dad and how he credits his father & grandfather for being the biggest influences for getting him into the outdoors.

9:25 Jesse shares his most memorable experiences growing up in Oregon hunting elk and dealing with the crazy weather and snow.

11:57- What sparked Jesse's interest in wanting to go to Alaska & become a fishing guide.

13:00- Getting the opportunity to work at royal Wolf Lodge, his first trip to Alaska and getting used to Alaska life.

17:00- How differently his life would have gone if his father & grandfather hadn't gotten him into the outdoors and what the last few years have been like working at Royal Wolf Lodge.

19:00- Getting the opportunity to help guide brown bear hunts & the various brown bear hunts he has been on including his most memorable bear hunt.

27:25- The experience of getting his pilots license this year and doing maintenance on airplanes.

31:00- Guiding both fishing & hunting on his own this year and the adventure of his first solo guide bear hunt.

38:00- All the things he has learned about bear hunting since becoming a guide.

39:45- The experience of working at a catch and release fishing lodge.

40:55- Where he sees himself in 5-10 years, if he will stay in Alaska and the other goals he has for himself.

44:27- What the experience is like seeing the salmon run (Video on our youtube channel during the video version)

46:45- The 5 star experience that Royal Wolf Lodge provides & what it's like to go to a lodge only accessible by plane.

51:05- The #1 thing that Jesse has taken away from the last 5 years after graduating high school and leaving Oregon for Alaska.

53:28- What advice he would give to youth and young adults who have dreamed about going to Alaska and pursuing their dreams.

54:24- Jesse's favorite place in the wilderness and what the wilderness does for his attitude.

57:05- Wrapping up


Episode 39: Ben Knapp Part 2

Episode 39: Ben Knapp Part 2

This week we continue our Alaska podcast series, we are back with part 2 of Alaska Pilot, Hunting Guide and Avid Outdoorsman, Ben Knapp. We dive right into an epic Dall Sheep hunt that Ben got to experience and he shares all the ups & downs of hunting for sheep in Alaska. We also talk about all the regulations & requirements that hunters need to know prior to packing your bags and booking a hunting trip to The Last Frontier.

Episode 38: Ben Knapp Part 1

Episode 38: Ben Knapp Part 1

This week, we start our Alaska Podcast Series and are kicking it off with a bang! Joining us for the 1st of 4 Alaskan podcasts is pilot & outdoor enthusiast, Ben Knapp. Ben started flying in Alaska when he was just 16 years old and is now a Pilot, Guide, and Director of Maintenance for Sportsman's Air Service in Anchorage. He has roughly 3,800 hours of flight time, mostly in Alaska, and has seen some of the most amazing scenery and experienced the most epic adventures you could imagine. He tells us how he got into flying and the outdoors and shares some fantastic hunts & stories he has experienced along the way. This podcast is so good, we had to break it into 2 parts. Enjoy part 1!