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Episode 44: Scott Bakken

Episode 44: Scott Bakken

The dream of hunting in Alaska can come with a pretty stiff price tag. But luckily there is something called a DIY hunt. Continuing out Alaska podcast series, we welcome Marketing Director for HHA Sports, Scott Bakken, to share his recent experience of a DIY float hunt in Alaska. Scott spent three years planning his adventure and lets us in on some tips of how he began his preparations, how he packed for the trip with weight restrictions, how he went about navigating in an area that has never been touched and his overall experience of floating the rivers of Alaska. 


1:04- Scott Bakken Intro

5:25- Recap of Scott's most recent hunt in Wisconsin & Illinois and the frustration that comes with missing an animal.

8:55- Brandon looks back on his continued misses this season and finally getting his buck when he didn't expect it.

11:00- Scott shares his preparation for his 1st DIY hunt in Alaska including how he researched, began preparing, how long it took to plan the trip and the logistics like gear, cost, weight restrictions and finding the right people to help get you there.

19:50- Once in Alaska, Scott shares how the began and the adventure that he had packing in and floating the river vs actually hunting and the overall experience including breaking his finger on the 3rd day. 

27:00- Scott talks about all the plane rides, different rivers he had to get on, all the hiking that he did and then finally getting to hunt for the moose and caribou tags that he had.

32:40- Scott shares how the Alaska trip changed his outlook on life and how he goes about his day to day routine. 

41:19- What Scott would have changed or would do differently on his next trip to Alaska including packing differently and the length of the hunt.

50:44- The financial side to the hunt. How much to save for when planning your DIY Alaska hunt.

54:19- Recap of Scott's hunting season. What next for the rest of the year.

55:10- What's in store for HHA for the rest of the year and 2018.

57:54- The decline in archery and why younger generations are not getting involved.

01:02- Scott shares a little info on the new product HHA will release in 2018.

01:05- Wrap up