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Episode 98: Lora Gene Young AKA Gypsy Nomad Hunting

Episode 98: Lora Gene Young AKA Gypsy Nomad Hunting

Lora Gene Young is an amazing free-spirited woman, living life to the fullest through traveling, hunting & guiding all over the world. She has been involved in the guiding business for 5 years and gets to call New Zealand, Australia, Alaska and many more places her home for many months out of the year.

Episode 81: Joe Letarte with Alaska Wilderness Enterprises

Episode 81: Joe Letarte with Alaska Wilderness Enterprises

We have an amazing podcast for you this week with one of the most incredible stories you will ever hear. We welcome Master Guide & Owner of Alaska Wilderness Enterprises Joe Letarte, to hear about his epic story of survival. Joe made the decision to move to Alaska when he was a young man with just $50 in his pocket.

Episode 59: Todd Vaaler & Austin Manelick

Episode 59: Todd Vaaler & Austin Manelick

We have another fun podcast for you from ATA with Todd Vaaler from Gateway Feathers & Austin Manelick with Mission Alaska. We talk about how Todd got involved in his family-owned business and the passion he has for creating quality hand-crafted feathers for every archery enthusiast.

Episode 45: Jesse Hula

Episode 45: Jesse Hula

Joining us for the last Alaska series podcast is 23 year old Alaska Hunting and Fishing Guide at Royal Wolf Lodge, Jesse Hula. Jesse made the decision right after high school to head to Alaska in search of his dream job, fishing for a living, and he is now living that dream. He talks about everything fishing, hunting & the outdoors and what it has been like to accomplish so much at such a young age, including recently getting his private pilot license. Jesse also shares some pretty epic adventures hunting brown bear and what it is like to experience the salmon run.



1:23- Intro Jesse Hula 

3:47- Jesse talks about getting his girlfriend into fly fishing and how amazing fishing in Alaska is.

6:45- Jesse's background of growing up in Oregon hunting & fishing with his dad and how he credits his father & grandfather for being the biggest influences for getting him into the outdoors.

9:25 Jesse shares his most memorable experiences growing up in Oregon hunting elk and dealing with the crazy weather and snow.

11:57- What sparked Jesse's interest in wanting to go to Alaska & become a fishing guide.

13:00- Getting the opportunity to work at royal Wolf Lodge, his first trip to Alaska and getting used to Alaska life.

17:00- How differently his life would have gone if his father & grandfather hadn't gotten him into the outdoors and what the last few years have been like working at Royal Wolf Lodge.

19:00- Getting the opportunity to help guide brown bear hunts & the various brown bear hunts he has been on including his most memorable bear hunt.

27:25- The experience of getting his pilots license this year and doing maintenance on airplanes.

31:00- Guiding both fishing & hunting on his own this year and the adventure of his first solo guide bear hunt.

38:00- All the things he has learned about bear hunting since becoming a guide.

39:45- The experience of working at a catch and release fishing lodge.

40:55- Where he sees himself in 5-10 years, if he will stay in Alaska and the other goals he has for himself.

44:27- What the experience is like seeing the salmon run (Video on our youtube channel during the video version)

46:45- The 5 star experience that Royal Wolf Lodge provides & what it's like to go to a lodge only accessible by plane.

51:05- The #1 thing that Jesse has taken away from the last 5 years after graduating high school and leaving Oregon for Alaska.

53:28- What advice he would give to youth and young adults who have dreamed about going to Alaska and pursuing their dreams.

54:24- Jesse's favorite place in the wilderness and what the wilderness does for his attitude.

57:05- Wrapping up


Episode 44: Scott Bakken

Episode 44: Scott Bakken

The dream of hunting in Alaska can come with a pretty stiff price tag. But luckily there is something called a DIY hunt. Continuing out Alaska podcast series, we welcome Marketing Director for HHA Sports, Scott Bakken, to share his recent experience of a DIY float hunt in Alaska. Scott spent three years planning his adventure and lets us in on some tips of how he began his preparations, how he packed for the trip with weight restrictions, how he went about navigating in an area that has never been touched and his overall experience of floating the rivers of Alaska. 


1:04- Scott Bakken Intro

5:25- Recap of Scott's most recent hunt in Wisconsin & Illinois and the frustration that comes with missing an animal.

8:55- Brandon looks back on his continued misses this season and finally getting his buck when he didn't expect it.

11:00- Scott shares his preparation for his 1st DIY hunt in Alaska including how he researched, began preparing, how long it took to plan the trip and the logistics like gear, cost, weight restrictions and finding the right people to help get you there.

19:50- Once in Alaska, Scott shares how the began and the adventure that he had packing in and floating the river vs actually hunting and the overall experience including breaking his finger on the 3rd day. 

27:00- Scott talks about all the plane rides, different rivers he had to get on, all the hiking that he did and then finally getting to hunt for the moose and caribou tags that he had.

32:40- Scott shares how the Alaska trip changed his outlook on life and how he goes about his day to day routine. 

41:19- What Scott would have changed or would do differently on his next trip to Alaska including packing differently and the length of the hunt.

50:44- The financial side to the hunt. How much to save for when planning your DIY Alaska hunt.

54:19- Recap of Scott's hunting season. What next for the rest of the year.

55:10- What's in store for HHA for the rest of the year and 2018.

57:54- The decline in archery and why younger generations are not getting involved.

01:02- Scott shares a little info on the new product HHA will release in 2018.

01:05- Wrap up 

Episode 43: Mark Raycroft

Episode 43: Mark Raycroft

Want to know more about photographing in the most amazing places in the world? This week we welcome wildlife and outdoor photographer, Mark Raycroft. Mark has photographed some of the most amazing animals and landscapes for over 25 years and is one of the best in the business. His work has been featured in almost all of the North American Hunting and Wildlife publication. Mark shares some of his most memorable experience in the wild including filming in Alaska, his favorite animals to photograph and even some tips on how to get into the business. 

Episode 42: Kevin Dana

Episode 42: Kevin Dana

Continuing our Alaska podcast series we welcome Alaska native, new father, and owner of Barney's Sports Chalet, Kevin Dana. Kevin started working for a hunting outfitter in the Brooks Range when he was 18 and has since hunted all over Alaska. He shares some tips on what gear is the most important for a successful hunt in Alaska and the 3 things people people need to know before planning their hunting trip to the beautiful state. We also talk about his love for sharing the outdoors with his wife & daughter and his passion for hunting Dall Sheep.