TV Host, master hunter & angler, skull artist, conservationist, outdoor enthusiast; these are just a few ways to describe this week's guest. Her father's daughter, Jana Waller, fell in love with the wilderness at a young age and has since built her world around hunting & the outdoors. Jana talks about her early hunting days, how she got the nickname "Sherman" and one of her biggest passions outside of hunting, skull art. We also discuss some issues that are closest to her heart, including Lyme disease, the future of our veterans & what it means "to be an American". If you haven't seen an episode of Skull Bound TV or if you are hooked already, stick around to find out a little more about the one & only, Jana Waller.


-Jana's backstory. How she got into hunting and how she got the nickname Sherman as a young girl.

-Jana's family dynamic. She talks about growing up with her father as a huge role model and why he is her best friend.

-Skull work. Jana talks about how she got into creating painted & beaded skulls and how that has turned into one of her biggest passions. 

-Cameraman Jim. Jana talks about her cameraman, producer, and boyfriend Jim and how much they push each other in every aspect of their lives.

-Jana's passion for writing and why she wants to help women through her writing.

-Lyme Disease. Jana talks about how she has been affected by Lyme Disease, and how much of an epidemic it is right now.

-Elk Hunting in bear country. Jana's experience of hunting around bears & what precautions she takes in dangerous situations.

-Jana's involvement with veterans, how amazing it is to hunt with single, double & triple amputees & how much they inspire her. She also talks about her relationship with Kryptek & how they are more of a family to her than a sponsor.

-What it means to be an American & why it is so important to her.

-Skull Bound TV and the charities they are involved with.

-What are the must-haves in Jana's travel bag.

-What the wilderness means to Jana.