Being an outfitter or a guide is something that many people consider a dream job but, to be successful at it is a whole different story. Growing up as an outfitter's son, Mike Stroff is no stranger to this backbreaking work and has made it his life through his company SOE Hunts and hosting Savage Outdoors TV and the One. Mike shares some tips on what to look for when selecting a guide, what gear can be a game changer, and how important genetics and age are when hunting that perfect animal. We also talk about the changes Mike has seen over the years in the outfitting business and what's coming up for his shows this season. We start this one off with an epic story Mike experienced while hunting in Alaska that involves bucking horses, being charged by a grizzly bear, a rusted gun that would not fire when needed most & having to walk back to camp after being left by his horse. 


-Some of the craziest adventures Mike has had in the wilderness including a trip to Alaska that quickly turned into an adventure he will never forget. 

-Mike’s experience of growing up in a family of outfitters, why he wanted to continue the family business and what he is doing today to stay at the top of his game as an outfitter.

-Where Mike thinks is arguably some the best whitetail hunting property in the Midwest, and some of the amazing animals he has been able to harvest there.

-Family run outfitting companies vs bigger companies. Mike shares his thoughts on what the main differences are and gives some tips on selecting the perfect outfitter.

-The changes Mike has seen over the years with outfitting, hunting with younger generations and what he is doing to pass down his families legacy to his kids.

-Some of the gear Mike prefers and what he thinks are game changers when on a hunt.

-The organizations & charities Mike is involved with including Youth Shooting Sports Alliance, NSSF, NRA & The Deerrassic Classic.

-SOE Ranches. Mike talks about the 5 ranches he runs in South Dakota and Texas where he hunts whitetail, free-range axis deer, free-range black buck, hogs, Rio Grande turkey, and how he is able to keep some of the best animals on the land.

-Genetics vs age or species. What changes depending on the ranches they have, what factors are involved in that and his advice to people to create better groups of animals on land.

-Savage Outdoors & The ONE. Mike talks about his experience with filming his TV shows, how they are different from each other and what separates his shows from the rest.