Corey Jacobsen is a 10-Time World Champion Elk Caller, Founder of Elk 101 & Co-Host of Elk Talk Podcast but, there are many layers to Corey that most do not know. In this podcast we peel back those layers and dive into Corey, the man, the father, and the husband outside of hunting and elk calling. Corey talks about his early years of growing out an outfitters son, finding confidence through basketball, and realizing over the years that success is only achieved when you help others succeed. We have all heard the podcasts where Corey gives his tips and tricks to become a better hunter but, there is much more to Corey than elk hunting strategies, and we dig deep to discover the motivation behind it all.


-Growing up in the small town of Grangemont, Idaho as an outfitter son, his memories of hunting as a kid and finding confidence through basketball.

-Corey’s drive. Having the mentality to always push for what you want and never giving up until you get there.

-Obstacles. Some of the obstacles he has encounters in his life to get to where he is today.

-Being calm & collected while hunting and how to have patience.

-His background of mechanical engineering, being a general contractor and where he was if his life when he decided to quit his job and pursue Elk 101.

-Elk 101. The day to day operations, some of the team members he has behind him and why it is so important for him to produce high quality content.

-The top 5 characteristics Corey looks for in a hunting partner and some tips for people looking for a good one.

-Co-hosting Elk Talk Podcast with Randy Newberg. How it came about & what he is looking forward to covering on the podcast.