Jules McQueen is a name, that is a staple in the hunting industry but, do you know everything that makes her tick? From a very early age, Jules was not like all the other girls and was drawn to the outdoors. She has since gone on to host & produce 4 outdoor hunting shows including her most recent journey as the host of Outdoor Weekly on Carbon TV. Jules talks about her childhood of growing up with nothing and learning from her mom by way of a goat, that's right- a goat, that taught her, you don’t always get what you want in life but, you can always make the best of any situation. Jules also shares how she found her way back to the hunting industry after pursuing fashion, what it’s like to be involved in all aspects of production & host a show, and a recent pivotal moment (many may not know) that challenged her and continues to help her grow every day.


-Hosting & Producing Hunting TV. Jules talks about her new show Outdoor Weekly on Carbon TV and her background as a Producer and Host.

-Jana Waller. The amazing relationship Jana & Jules have and how great it is to be surrounded by such amazing people in this industry.

-Jules’ Blog. Jules talks about her blog, how much she enjoys writing and possibly doing a Vlog sometime in the future.

-Jules’ backstory. She talks about growing up in Oklahoma with military parents, growing up poor and her mother instilling hard work and confidence in her as a young girl.

-Her goat story. Jules shares her story of getting a goat and how that taught her an important lesson, life doesn’t always give you want you want, but you can always make the best out of any situation.

-College & the fashion industry. Jules talks about how she was able to afford college, juggling online school overseas and working in the fashion industry.

-Rebranding herself. Jules talks about how pivotal this last year has been in all aspects of her life and what it has been like to rebrand herself.

-Advice to those who want to get into the industry.

-Project ChildSafe. What an amazing program it is and her involvement.

-Upcoming hunts & what she is looking forward to this fall.