Rock climbing is a sport that not only challenges you physically but, mentally & emotionally as well. And many climbers look at that big wall, not as conquering it, but as conquering themselves. This week we welcome two professional rock climbers, Expedition Climber Ben Rueck, and Gym Owner & Coach, Marcus Garcia to explain why rock climbing is their biggest passion. We discuss mentorship, what creating routes mean & why it is so important to protect access to climbing areas. Ben & Marcus also share some of the craziest adventures they have experienced in some of the most amazing places all over the world, including a few life or death situations they had to overcome. If you have wanted to try rock climbing, stick around, because this podcast may give you the motivation you need- to make the first ascent.


-Climbing in Durango, Colorado. Marcus talks about all the amazing climbing there is in Durango and how cool it is to have access to desert, mountain & ice climbing.

-Mentorship. Ben & Marcus talk about who mentored them and why it is important to mentor others in the climbing industry. Rob Pizem - Mayan Smith-Gobat

-Some of the amazing places they have been climbing & what they have learned about different cultures and people.

-Marcus’ experience teaching ice climbing in Valdez, Alaska.

-The different routes they have created over the years including one Marcus created called “Riding the Storm” and the story behind it.

-The increase of climbing. They talk about how access to different gyms over the years has increased the interest in climbing and how excited they are to have rock climbing in the 2020 Olympics.

-Ben & Marcus’ advice to people who haven’t climbed before and are interested in climbing.

-Protecting access to climbing areas. Ben & Marcus talk about why it is so important to take care of the areas they are climbing at all over the world so future climbers can have access to those areas.

-Climbing and Ecotourism. Ben talks about some of the amazing places there are in China, Thailand and Cuba for climbers to go.

-Ben & Marcus share some crazy stories of their most epic adventures, inlcuding a few life or death situations they had to overcome.