Want to know how to be a true Idahoan? Well we have Commissioner of the Idaho Fish & Game Southwest Region, Idaho small business owner and father of 4 upcoming Idahoans, Blake Fischer here to tell you how. Blake was raised in the outdoors and is making it his mission for everyone to continue enjoying what he fell in love with, the wilderness. He talks about what he’s doing as  Commissioner to get people outside, his thoughts on the declining numbers of people hunting across the country and how those numbers can improve. We also talk about his involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters which led to him being named Big Brother of the Year by BBBS. Blake's Wilderness Attitude is evident in everything he does and he will definitely bring a little more into your life.


1:03- Podcast start and intro Blake Fischer from the Northwest Outdoor Expo in Idaho.  Brandon also talks about what caught his eye about Blake‘s Instagram.

3:50- Blake talks about being the Commissioner for the Southwest Region for Idaho Fish and Game, what that entails, recently being reelected for a second term and what he has learned throughout his last term.

13:13- Blake talks about some of the struggles he has had as a Commissioner and some of the awesome experiences he has been able to have.

17:13- Blake talks about the continuing decline of hunters, why he thinks it’s happening and ways that he is trying to fix the problem.

19:45- Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Blake talks about what drew him to BHA and what it’s like being a part of such a great organization.

23:45- Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Blake talks about being involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program & being awarded Big Brother of The Year. He talks about taking his little brother hunting and how cool it was to be in his life for many years sharing that experience. He also talks about how that has made him a better father. 

31:15- Being Idahoan. Blake talks about what it means to him to be Idahoan and what he is doing to pass that down to his kids. 

34:45- Blake's Trans Am. He talks about looking for Trans Ams for over five years and finally finding the one that he wanted, buying it for himself on his 40th birthday and how special that was for him. He also talks about his wife and how she supports him and all the decisions that he makes and give some advice to married couples who hunt.

41:15- The Wilderness. He talks about how the wilderness plays a role in how he maintains a positive dynamic in his family, what the wilderness means to him and how other people can get into the other is an experience what he does.

54:33- We talk about all the thinks Blake is doing as Commissioner of the Idaho fishing game to get people outside.