If you have read any type of outdoor or hunting magazine, then you are definitely familiar with this week's guest, writer & photographer, Tony J. Peterson. But, you may not have heard one of his craziest hunting stories, where instead of encountering an animal, he encountered a barbed wire fence that left him wondering if he would keep his manhood. It's a story that will make you think twice before crossing fences on your next adventure. Tony also talks about why photography & writing have helped him reflect on himself as a person & a new campaign he is working on called #PROJECTPUBLIC. If you are interested in writing, have a passion for photography or just want to hear some crazy stories, you are going to love this one.


1:02- Intro Tony Peterson, and some fun facts about Minnesota where Tony lives.

3:25- Tony tells his crazy story of injuring himself on a barbed wire fence on a hunting trip, that left him wondering if he would be keeping his manhood, in the pouring rain and what transpired to get him to a hospital.

11:46- Tony talks about his passion for hunting, favorite things to hunt, and how his passion has evolved over the years. He also shared some advice for hunting east and how great the fishing is. 

28:36- Tony talks about his writing and how he’s able to come up with fresh material for his articles. He also talks about how he got into writing and his writing routine when he has to write multiple articles for different magazines.

33:48- Photography. Tony talks about his passion for photography and how it’s a package deal when selling an article because you have do you have photos to support your writing. He also talks about where he gets his inspiration for photography.

36:28- Writers block. Tony talks about what he does if he gets writers block and the different ways he’s able to create amazing articles. He also talks about how writing has helped him reflect on himself and some of the inspiring books he has read that have impacted him.

44:45- Some of the misconceptions out there about writers who do reviews. Tony talks about how he writes honest reviews about the products and how things of change so much over the years with people not wanting to be told what to buy.

53:27- #ProjectPublic. Tony talks about the new project he is working on with a colleague on Instagram and what that entails. He also talks about a short film that he did called Denying the Wolf.

59:56- Tony’s advice to help them win at today through some of his of experiences of writing, photography and hunting.

01:03:36- Wrapping up, final thoughts and where to find #ProjectPublic.