In honor of National Dog Day this past weekend, we welcome pro dog trainer and owner of Committed Retrievers, Nick Bowser. Nick discovered his passion for training man's best friend over 12 years ago and found that his love for hunting was only intensified after hunting with a great retriever. Nick walks us through everything you would want to know about dogs, from what to look for when finding that perfect pup, to training the ultimate bird dog. Do you know what force fetch, pile work, pressure training or formalized obedience are? Well, we cover it all and hear some amazing stories including one in which Nick's dog Trigger pulled him out of the water after being injured.


-What breeds are best for different types of hunting and which dogs are easier to train than others.

-Some of Nick's favorite stories he has had with training dogs and owning dogs including one where his current dog Trigger pulled him out of the water.

-Some of the things to look out for when getting a new puppy to ensure that the dog is healthy and will have a happy healthy life.

-How to treat your dog and far as being a family dog and a service or working dog and what are the important things to address when first training a dog including getting them to listen and not chewing.

-Nick's process when training from birth to 6 months and then thereafter and the different training practices he uses like force fetch, pile work, formalized obedience, adding pressure and using hand signals.

-The dog's diet. Nick covers some of the important products to give your dog including food and vitamins and what food should be given to dogs that are hard working hunting dogs.

-Nick covers the basics that an owner needs to understand when getting a new dog that they would like to become a hunting dog.

-What to look for when picking your new hunting dog puppy and what initials to look for before the name or after the name when picking pedigrees. 

-Idaho Youth Outdoors that Nick is involved with.

-Veterans discount for training puppies. Visit Committed Retrievers.