Wyoming has been highly publicized over the past couple of months regarding the delisting of the grizzly bear for the 1st time in over 40 years. Some are asking, Aren't they still a threatened species? Why now? And Is this a good thing? Well, we have Bear Wise Coordinator of Wyoming Game & Fish, Dusty Lasseter, here to answer it all including why this decision is so important for the state of Wyoming and the future of the grizzly bear. We cover some misconceptions out there about catching & relocating bears, what the delisting means for hunting in the state of Wyoming and what is best to protect yourself in the wilderness; bear spray, a taser or a gun? Dusty also shares some of the close encounters he has had with these bears over the years and explains why it is so important to be "Bear Aware".


-The Bear Wise Program and the education that is being done to protect the bears & people during human-bear interaction.

-Some of Dusty's craziest experiences and encounters with bears.

-Some misconceptions out there about bears and what Wyoming Game & Fish does when they trap a bear.

-Relocation. How it's done & how they determine where to relocate the bears.

-The percentages of bears that are relocated vs the percentages that are euthanized and how that decision is made.

-Grizzly bear delisting. Why it is happening now, what that means, how hard Wyoming has worked to get the grizzly bear population back up and what they are doing now to manage the species.

-Hunting Grizzly's now that they are delisted. What areas they can be hunted in Wyoming (NOT YELLOW STONE OR GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK), how many tags they are releasing and how the tag system works.

-What they are doing to share information and compare ecosystems with other states to help grow the Grizzly bear population across the country  - Links to IGBC & IGBST

-The free bear Spray program that Wyoming offers and how successful it has been.

-Which is best to use bring with you in Bear country- Bear spray, a gun or a taser?

-Are there really grizzly bears in Colorado? And how do you know if it's really a grizzly bear and not a cinnamon black bear?