Some of you may have heard of Ryan Michler or Order of Man but you may not know what it's all about or haven't heard Ryan on the other side of the microphone instead of hosting his podcast. Order of Man is a blog, podcast & mission to give men a community and resource to become better but, this podcast is for everyone. Ryan's outlook on life, his thoughts on the world as a whole and the men & women who live in it, can inspire anyone to be better and do better in all aspects of their lives. We talk about what it means to Ryan to be a better father and husband, some experiences in his life that inspired him to start his Order of Man mission and we talk about the disconnect today with society and the resources we have. Ryan also gives his 3 tips for people who are looking for self-improvement, what finding hunting has done for him & why the phrase "I will find a way or make one" should be a part of everybody's vocabulary.


1:02- Podcast start and intro Ryan Michler of Order Of Man.

4:23- Ryan talks about what it means to be a man. He talks about why he started the Order Of Man movement over three years ago basically for personal reasons because he wanted to be a better man, a better father, and a better husband. He talks about spreading that word to other men who want to do better in this life.

6:00- Reclaiming and restoring masculinity. They talk about how that’s been lost these days, what exactly that means & why Ryan’s mission is to get that back in society. 

8:37- They talk about having fathers and male role models in young boys lives and how big of a difference that can be for the future of our boys.

10:58- Disciplining your children in public. Brandon and Ryan talk about how people are afraid to discipline their children these days but that is not the solution. They talk about teaching our children everyday in every way we can what is right & wrong without shying away from being a parent.

13:11- Starting at the home. They talk about how important it is to start with morals and respect of others inside the home first, before expecting your kids to display that outside your four walls.

16:20- The dinner table. Brandon and Ryan talk about the importance of eating dinner together as a family and ways you can encourage your kids to open up about their lives and teach them the fundamentals through games while you’re eating dinner.

17:28- The outdoors. Brandon talks about how the outdoors have basically changed his life. Ryan talks about recently taking up archery & bow hunting & how that has helped him with his mission of the Order Of Man. They talk about unplugging and how important that is not just for their kids but for themselves as well.

24:57- What it means to be a bow hunter. Ryan talks about falling in love with archery & bowhunting but isn't sure if he can be classified as a bowhunter but how much it has benefited him and how much respect he has for people who are bowhunters. They talk about the progress and growth it takes to become a bow hunter or anything for that matter as far as picking up a new craft.

29:01- Ryan talks about his very first hunting experience of killing a Whitetail deer and how it was bittersweet because he had just taken an animals life but realizing that he had an ethical shot and he was doing what ethical hunting is. He talks about realizing the gravity of the situation and appreciating what the hunting experience offers. Ryan talks about how hunting is really like making a decision in life, you know that you want to or you have to do it but, you just need to pull the trigger and make it happen.

32:57 - I will find a way or make one. Ryan talks about taking a bunch of Boy Scouts out into the wilderness & choosing the motto "I will find a way or make one". He talks about the boys really taking on that motto & challenging themselves to do exactly that. Ryan talks about how cool that was to see.

38:22- Ryan talks about in 2016 doing the Spartan Agoge which is a 60 hour endurance event. He talks about spending 60 hours in the mountains of Vermont and doing a series of five peaks that were very difficult but how amazing it was to accomplish that feat.

40:30- Order of man and having a Wilderness Attitude. Ryan talks about what exactly Order Of Man is & how that relates to Brandon's message. He talks about OOM being a blog, a podcast, and a movement. He also talks about the book that he wrote Sovereignty: The Battle For The Hearts & Minds Of Men & how important it is to have self reliance.

48:16- Ryan talks about camping trip that he took his boys on a few years ago and how cold & windy it was and his boys wanting to give up but they didn't. He talks about that being a very proud moment for him.

49:05- The disconnect society has food. Ryan talks about how he has ran into people who didn't realize that hamburger is a cow. They talk about how important it is to know how to gather your own food if we ever come into an issue where we aren’t able to get food like we are now. Ryan also talks about having the proper mentality without being a full on prepper but how important it is to know the basics of survival. 

55:40- Ryan's top three suggestions he has for the listeners to be better men and human beings.

01:00:14- Where to start? Web - Facebook - Facebook Group - Instagram

01:00:54- Wrapping up & final thoughts.