Wild fires can effect everything caught in it's wake, wildlife included. But, it's not all doom & gloom. There is a silver lining to that smokey sky. As strange as it might seem, fires are a natural part of our landscape, in many cases, it's natures way of manipulating habitat and allowing it to thrive for hundreds of years. We are joined by Durango West District Wildlife Manager, Steve McClung & Chris Schultz with the San Juan National Forest Service to discuss wild fires and get a better understanding of how they can be looked at as a good thing for our land & wildlife.


1:02- Podcast starts & intro Steve McClung & Chris Schultz.

2:10- Brandon talks about the wildfire that recently hit Durango and asks Steve & Chris more about how wildfires work with the landscape.

4:55- How the forest service & the wildlife district works and how Steve & Chris are working everyday for wildlife and everyone who enjoys it.

10:45- Wildfires. They dive into the Durango wildfire, what happened, the closures that have taken place and what is happening now.

14:57- Regeneration after fires. They talk about how the wildfires burn and how they regenerate landscape.

22:45- The Smokey Bear campaign. They talk about how things have changed so much over the years and the Smokey Bear campaign that was so important of spreading the word of fire danger and now how much they are realizing fire can do good.

26:32- Wildlife after fire. They discuss how wildlife is effected during a fire and how new species can thrive after fire that weren't necessarily there prior to the fire.

31:05- Aspen trees. They talk about how aspen trees are an indicator of past fires because of how much they thrive when regenerating.

35:11- Post-fire habitat. They talk about how much habitat with evolve & change after fires.

40:44- Post-work that is done with the US Forest Service does after the fire crews leave.

44:37- The San Juan fire now and what they are hoping for with the regeneration and future of the forest area.

48:00- Wrapping up, where to find out more on the San Juan National Forest & Columbine Ranger District & Subscribe!