Passing down a knife through generations has been an American staple throughout our history and some may feel it is a family legacy being carried on. Well no one feels that more than Chairman & CEO of Buck Knives, CJ Buck, a 4th generation family member carrying on his families legacy of making knives. CJ shares the amazing story starting with his great-grandfather Hoyt, who made his first knife in 1902, and the series of events that followed, to continue the Buck Knife name over a century later. You or someone in your family have probably owned a Buck knife at some point but, I am sure you do not know the story behind where it all began, the bumps along the way & the innovations they are still doing today to make trustworthy, reliable knives. 


1:02- Podcast start and intro CJ Buck of Buck Knives from the Great North West Outdoor Expo in Boise Idaho podcasting in the Initial Ascent booth.

2:58- CJ talks about how Buck Knives came about and how it all started with his great-grandfather, Hoyt Buck. He talks about how his great-grandfather and grandfather used to make knives before all the technology today and how that got passed down to his father and now he’s continuing the legacy.

 14:34- The story of how CJ‘s grandfather turned making knives from a hobby to a legacy after getting advice from his pastor. CJ also tells a few crazy stories from his grandfather's day including almost losing his hand and almost dying in a submarine.

21:40- CJ talks about in 1963 developing and introducing the 110 folding hunter knife, how they moved into different kinds of knives and how his grandparents would drive across the country with samples to introduce people to their knives.

32:13- CJ talks about how cool it is to think about how if one of the people in his family line decided not to continue the business, it would have all ended. But instead, he is now passing the knife business down to his kids.

33:01- CJ talks about all the ups & downs their company has gone through over the years, the economical changes that caused them to rethink things after 911 and what they had to do to regain the momentum they had pre-9/11 including a move out of California back home but the ups & downs did not stop there.

48:35- The company and life after moving to Idaho. CJ talks about how once things settle down, how things of been in Idaho since.

53:48- Importing products versus manufacturing. CJ talks about how they have had some of their products manufactured overseas and now trying to get back to manufacturing everything in the U.S. He talks about how that can be difficult because everyone says they will by products made in the U.S. but that doesn’t necessarily translate through the cash register.

57:10- CJ talks about some of the top-selling products and Brandon talks about his favorite Buck Knives that he uses. CJ also talks about some exciting things to come for Buck Knives.

01:03:31- Wrapping up, final thoughts & Subscribe!