The stillness before sunrise, the sound of bobbing decoys on the calm water, anticipating the sight of multi-colored wings, these are just a few ways to describe the obsession that is, duck hunting, and we have the perfect person to explain it all. Owner of Cutter Calls, Colt Turpen, shares exactly what it is that fuels his duck hunting fire, what drove him to pursue making duck calls, and pretty much everything you would want to know about ducks and duck hunting. If you have thought about getting into duck hunting or if you are a duck hunter, this podcast might help scratch the waterfowl itch.


1:02- Podcast start and intro Colton Turpen with Cutter Calls from the Great North West Outdoor Expo in Idaho. Colt talks about what Cutter Calls is all about.

6:06- Colt talks about his background and how he got into duck hunting and making duck calls.

9:40- Colt shares some of the craziest duck hunting stories he has experienced including 1 where he used squeegees to paddle across a lake.

14:13- Duck hunting blinds. Colt talks about the pit blinds and just the regular blinds and how duck hunting has changed over the years from a poor man’s sport to having really expensive equipment. He also talks about the perfect situation for duck hunting as far as weather and terrain.

19:51- Colt talks about his favorite shot gun he uses to hunt ducks.

21:49-  The Holy Grail of Ducks. Colt talks about how big of a deal a banded duck is and why.

25:54- Colt talks about all the different types of ducks out there and the difference between the migration routes. He also talks about how he creates the different calls for each species of duck.

33:09- Colt talks about all the different ways he likes to cook duck and the process of breaking down the ducks. He also shares his favorite recipes for duck including duck pizza.

39:16- Colt talks about the what other animals he likes to hunt outside of ducks.

40:45- Colt gives some advice on how to start duck hunting if you have never done it before and everything that goes into it.

44:51- Wrapping up, final thoughts & where to find Colt & Cutter Calls - Facebook - Instagram