Ever heard of the Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon? Well if you have or haven't, this group is here to tell you all about it. We are joined by Kevin Guillen & Courtney, Mark & Chris Denham of Wilderness Athlete, Outdoorsman & The Western Hunter to tell us about their adventure of conquering the 2018 R2R2R. They talk about what exactly this journey entails, the preparation that needs to be done, and what the body goes through during the 47.5 mile quest. They also talk about nutrition, gear & the mental battle some of them faced along the way. If you have thought about challenging yourself to take on the R2R2R or are looking for ways to push yourself, possibly in the biggest physical test of your life, give this one a listen. It will give you all the tools you need be prepared for a hike of a lifetime. 


1:02- Podcast start, overview of what’s to come and thanks to sponsors Wilderness Athlete and Katadyn.

4:35- Welcome Kevin Guillen and Courtney Denham with Wilderness Athlete and Mark and Chris Denham with Outdoorsmans and Western Hunter.

5:30- Rim To Rim To Rim. Chris explains what the R2R2R in the Grand Canyon is and what it’s all about.

7:25- Chris talks about doing the R2R2R this year for the 6th time and how some of the people in their group have been doing it for 17+ years. He talks about learning all about how to conquer this feat from those who have gone many times before.

9:17- The Metal Battle of R2R2R. Chris' story of a time he was doing the R2R2R and being so mentally exhausted that he thought he saw a giant rock, went to sit on it and fell to the ground because it wasn’t there.

10:15- Mark's experience doing it for the first time this year and how he thinks it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do.

12:16- Kevin talks about his experience doing it multiple times and why he thinks people should absolutely be certain they want to do it before attempting it.

13:28- Courtney’s 1st experience doing the R2R2R this year and the anxieties she had prior.

15:19- Brandon talk about ultra runners Mere June and Jason Schlarb who have been on the podcast who ran the R2R2R this year.

17:39- Where Do People Start? The group talk about how to start training for the R2R2R and the different recommendations they have for people who want to do the R2R2R. They talk about how a standing desk is a great place to start getting used to being on your feet for long hours and the different nutritional things you need to know prior.

20:40- The Importance Of Proper Gear. They talk about all the different things you need to know before you do the hike like what kind of  socks & shoes to bring & the different ways to not chafe like body glide & Aquaphor.

26:12- What to bring to eat. They talk about why it’s so important to know your body prior to doing the hike and what kinds of foods you can bring that your stomach can easily digest.

27:55- How hunting and backpacking have helped them all know what to bring to eat and taking what they have learned from those experiences to know how their body is going to react to certain foods.

32:50- Fuel The Fire - Dehydration & Cramping. They talk about how salt in the body can be an issue during this hike and why salt pills can help. Kevin talks about not using salt pills one time and cramping up and then using them this year and it making a huge difference.

36:29- The Mind & It's Tricks. They talk about the different experiences they have had with mental fatigue, seeing things that really aren't there and overcoming that feeling.

47:07- Chris' grind mode. Chris talks about the mode he goes into when doing something like the R2R2R and having mental discipline when he faces difficult challenges.

50:30- The Bond That Is Created. The group talks about how the R2R2R is a bonding moment between the people who hike it together and what the experience is like once you finish the hike with the people who just conquered it with you.

58:18- Chris talks about the pride he had hiking with his kids and how amazing it was to experience that with him them.

01:03:59- Final thoughts on the R2R2R and Chris talks about the best times to do it during the year.

If you have any questions for the Wilderness Athlete team about R2R2R email them at: Contactus@wildernessathlete.com