Field to Plate or Field to Fork. We all know what they mean but, do you really know how to harvest & cook wild game to get the best meat & flavor? We welcome Founder of Live Wild Eat Wild Steven Athay, to talk about his passion & pursuit to make healthy delicious wild game. Brandon was a chef for 16 years and knows how to properly prepare meat so he & Steven compare notes on ways they harvest their animals, what tricks & tools they use in the process & what adjustments can be made to any old meat recipe to make wild game taste amazing. Steven also shares the top 5 things he has found that effect flavor, ways to use the off-cuts & shares a few of his favorite recipes. For all you foodies out there or people who just want to know how to get their family to love wild game, join us in our quest to "Live Wild Eat Wild".


Stephen talks about why he got started cooking wild game and walks us through his process of field to plate including his five tips of field care to make the meat taste amazing.

He talks about the methods he uses to field dress an animal & why he likes to keep the bones whole because he uses them for bone stock.

He talks about what he does once he gets the animal back to his house as far as refrigeration, his process of cutting the meat and which tools he uses.

The bone stock. Stephen walks us through the process of how he makes his bone stock.

Steven talks about the other pieces of an animal that get underused and & some of his favorite recipes for off-cuts that some people are not aware of.

Doneness of steaks. Steven walks us through the different methods he uses to cook the perfect steak and some of the misconceptions out there for people who are cooking wild game.