For all you archery gear heads out there, we are joined by the Chief Commercial Officer of FaraDyne Outdoors, Jon Syverson. Jon has been in the hunting & outdoor industry for over a decade and is one of the most knowledgable people in the archery industry. Jon talks about how he got involved with FeraDyne Outdoors, how the company has become what it is today and some of the awesome products they are making to create better ethical bowhunters. He talks about the advancements in the broadheads they are making, his involvement in educating people & commissions about mechanical broadheads and how the industry has evolved over the last 30 years. We also talk about his involvement in the Pope & Young club, why it is so near & dear to his heart and why he believes every archer & bowhunter should be a member of this amazing organization.


1:02- Podcast start and intro Jon Syverson with FeraDyne Outdoors. Jon talks about what he does for FaraDyne as the Chief Commercial Officer over sales, marketing & new product development, the path that led him to where he is now with the company and the different companies that FaraDyne is associated with including Rage Broadheads, Block Targets, Muzzy Broadheads & Nockturnal.

6:27- Jon talks about just getting back from Oregon after speaking in front of the commission to help the process of legalizing mechanical broadheads in the state. He talks about how much huntingequipment & broadheads have evolved over the last 30 years and how mechanical broadheads work these days.

13:20- They talk about what the hangup is in Oregon and why it’s taking so long for them to get on the same page as other states as far as the use of mechanical broadheads. Jon talks about the different testing they are doing to show what mechanical broadheads do for penetration & ethical hunting of an animal.

16:12- Jon talks about the different broadheads they sell and what they’re doing on their website to show people which ones they should use for their personal preference.

19:45- Ethical hunting. Jon talks about how it is our job as hunters to make an ethical shot and how important it is to him when he is producing these products that people have the tools they need to make that ethical shot.

21:43- The Rage Hypodermic Broadhead that they make that sells more than all the other broadhead manufacturers in the country and how that broadhead came about.

23:29- Jon's involvement with the Pope and Young Club, how he got started in the organization and how important it is to him.

32:04- Brandon and Jon talk about the Pope and Young Club, how it has evolved over the years and some of the roadblocks they have had along the way to keep their original message of ethics and fair chase. They talk about where the organization is currently within the industry & how important it is to support this organization to continue in the future.

42:12- FeraDyne. Jon talks about where they are as a company and where they want to be in the future.

47:31- The ever changing industry and how that relates to Media. They talk about how print, TV and social media is changing in the industry and how FeraDyne is moving with this change in the market.

50:40- Wrapping up and final thoughts.

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