We come to you from 12,157 feet of elevation on top of the South Western Colorado Mountains. Brandon is joined by Team WA member Matt Howell & Host of Living Country in The City Podcast, Sam Ayers. The group talks about their upcoming hunting seasons, what they are doing to keep the archery rust off & what tags they are putting in for this year. Sam talks about his epic road trip over the last 3 weeks that brought him to the Rocky Mountains, what this trip has taught him & his favorite places he has seen along the way. We also talk about dry firing your bow, when & where to see bucks in velvet in Colorado & what hosting a podcast has taught Brandon & Sam.


1:01- Podcast start & intro Sam Ayres with Living Country In The City Podcast and Matt Howell of Team WA, podcasting from 12,157 feet up in the wilderness of SW Colorado.

3:32- Matt talks about how awesome it is to be podcasting where he has spent so much time as a kid & as adult. He talks about the world-class mule deer that are in the area. Brandon & Matt also talk about how they have seen the amount of mule deer there get fewer and the reasons why they believe that is happening. 

10:30- Hunting season in Colorado. Brandon & Matt talk about the different bucks that are around the area, when they shed during the year & when you can see amazing bucks in velvet. 

12:50- Sam’s Epic Road trip. He talks about driving all over the country on a road trip, where the idea came about & his favorite places he has seen along way.

20:20- The group talks about how taking road trips or hunting helps you adapt to being able to make last minute decisions & dealing with issues or problems that arise along the way. They also talk about how the Garmin In Reach has helped them feel safer in those types of situations.

24:31- Sam's story of dry firing his bow. The group talks about how dry firing is more common than not and, the different circumstances where it happens and ways to train yourself not to do it. 

27:43- Archery rust during off-season. They talk about how they are each feeling during the off-season, ways to not get rusty & make mistakes.

29:19- Hunting Season. They talk about getting close to getting their tags, how excited they are are for hunting season & what tags they are putting in for this year.

32:00- Sam’s podcast. Living Country In The City. Sam talks about why he wanted to do a podcast and how awesome it is to meet different people & learn more about the industry.

34:15- Wrapping up and final thoughts.