We have talked a lot about Wildlife Conservation & Wildlife Preservation on the podcast but, there is still a major disconnect today with understanding the fundamentals of it all. So, we are pleased to finally welcome the President of the Pope & Young Club, Jim Willems, to clear it all up. We discuss what exactly the North America Wildlife Conservation Model is, the importance of organizations like Pope & Young & Boone and Crockett and why he thinks there continues to be misconceptions out there with predator control. We also discuss the grizzly bear ban that has affected the species, the delisting that is finally taking place & why this is all so important for the future of every majestic animal. 


1:02 – Intro Jim Willems from Poynette, Wisconsin for the Pope and Young Rendezvous.

2:34 – Jim talks about his epic brown bear hunt in Kodiak Alaska and all the ups and downs of the 16 day hunt to finally harvest a brown bear.

20:23 – Jim’s take away from the brown bear hunt and what he learned about himself.

22:46 - Jim talks about the Grizzly Bear ban that has taken place in British Columbia and what he thinks the main issues are against predator control.

26:55 – What Jim suggests to people who don’t hunt or are non-hunters to educate themselves on predator control and wildlife management. He talks about the importance of hunting for the future of wildlife and how disease will run rampant across North America if we do not continue to make this effort.

33:12 - The delisting that is going on this year with the Grizzly Bear. Jim talks about why delisting this animal is so important to the grizzly bear species and why it will not hurt the grizzly bear population.

41:22 – Boone and Crockett and The Pope and Young Club‘s involvement in trying to preserve our wildlife after Teddy Roosevelt committed himself to restoring America's wildlands. Jim talks about where Pope & young is today with the record keeping and why what they’re doing is still important.

47:41 - Jim’s take on the public's perception of Pope and Young and why some people have misconceptions about what they are all about. Jim also talks about what people can do to support their mission.

01:00:51 - Where to find Pope and Young and where to learn more about the organization  

WebFacebook - Instagram - Or Call (507) 867-4144

01:02:03 - The Pope and Young conventions that are coming up including the 31st Biennial convention in April 2019 in Omaha, Nebraska with keynote speaker Donald Trump Junior.

01:07:29 – Wrapping up and final thoughts.