Motivate, Inspire, Overcome is our message for this podcast. We've hit our first big milestone with 100 episodes and have picked some of our favorite stories of inspiration, adventure & survival. These men, women & their journey's remind us all what it means, to have a Wilderness Attitude. It was hard to choose, but these stories are full of twists & turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy!


1:02- Podcast start & intro some of our favorite podcasts we have done so far.

2:03- Hunting legend Harv Ebers shares his amazing tale of hunting solo in Alaska in the 1950's for caribou with just $25, a rental car, a dozen wooden arrows, a bow, a coat, and a sack of Hershey Bars & apples. Harv is such a great man with many amazing stories, listen to his whole podcast- Episode 2

18:14- Retired United States Marine Corps Sgt. Kirstie Ennis shares her truly inspiring story of surviving a helicopter crash while in Afghanistan, having over 40 surgeries & an above the knee amputation but realizing she could still live her life to be an avid snowboarder, cyclist, mountaineer, rock climber, runner, swimmer & hunter. Kirstie story is truly amazing, listen to the full podcast- Episode 65

31:53- Remi Warren has guided hunters all of the world and is best known for his former hunting series Apex Predator & his appearances on Solo Hunter. Remi shares a life-altering story that many have not heard involving his now wife, in which he saved her life after she went missing for 3 days in the desert. Check out his full podcast- Episode 83

38:28- Naked & Afraid Survivalist Matt Wright of Extreme Instinct shares his Amazon quest to be the first to harvest a big game animal on the show. It is a story of pure heart, adventure, persistence, endurance and then heartbreak that ended in a nearly fatal incident. This is only part of the story, to hear the full story check out his podcast- Episode 51

53:05- Sidney Smith, was born with a rare disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a degenerative nerve disease that has effected him since he was a child. Sidney shares his motivating story of making the life changing decision to amputate both of his legs and then relearning to walk, swim, run and bike which has led him to compete in Iron Mans. This podcast will inspire everyone to not give up whatever curve balls life throws your way. Check out the full podcast- Episode 73

01:01:01- Mountain Endurance Athlete, Meredith June Edwards talks about always having a love for skiing and running at an early age and stopping at nothing to start a life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming after college, and then the decade she spent on the mountain perfecting her passion for competing in ultra running, ski mountaineering and ski mountaineer racing. She & her boyfriend Jason Schlarb have seen some of the most magnificent places in the world, have experienced some of the craziest adventures and they share it all in the full podcast- Episode 89

01:09:49- Last but not least, is one of the most incredible stories you will ever hear. Master Guide & Owner of Alaska Wilderness Enterprises Joe Letarte, shares his epic story of survival after he was left for dead in the Brooks Range of Alaska, to fend for himself for 200 miles, in zero degree temperatures. Joe talks about almost losing hope but never losing his will to survive. The full podcast is a wild ride from start to finish so if you have not checked it out, it's a MUST listen- Episode 81

01:22:05- Wrapping up & final thoughts. Please leave us a review