We welcome Lance Hallum, co-owner of Ultimate Predator Gear from The Western Hunting & Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City. If you have not heard of Ultimate Predator Gear, they make some of the best decoys in the business but they also make much more. Lance talks about the different decoys that they sell, how they work & why he thinks they help hunters be successful when harvesting an animal. He also talks about the adventure cameras and the battery pack that they sell to provide high quality filming ability in the outdoors. We also share some awesome stories and using the decoys, the background behind them and some future products Lance & his team are creating. If you want to learn more about some awesome hunting gear then this is the podcast for you.


1:01 – Podcast start with Lance Hallum from the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City and thanks to Wilderness Athlete our sponsor.

2:08 – Lance talks about how Ultimate Predator started, where the idea came about and where it has gone from there.

3:10 – Lance talks about all the products their company makes including the bow mounted stalker decoys, the wind turbine decoys for Canada goose, snow goose, turkey and white tail deer. He also talks about the other products like the Adventure Cameras and their most recent line of bow shields. Lance also talks about where the name Ultimate Predator came from and why they chose that name.

8:52 – Lance talks about primarily being in the western hunting industry but trying to branch out into the Whitetail world with decoys and more. He also talks about how awesome it is to see people who have been successful with the decoys and the deal that they offer to their customers if they send in a video or a photo of harvesting an animal using the decoys to get money off of decoys.

11:15- Brandon talks about his experience using the Ultimate Predator decoys and learning how to use them properly. Lance also shares some stories of his successes and all the knowledge he has gained from other hunters who have used the decoys and been successful, so he can then tell new customers some tips and tricks.

16:14 – Lance talks about the charging pack that they sell that is a 20,000mAh water RESISTANT battery pack that can charge three items at the same time that is the size of an iPhone. He talks about all the different ways you can use the battery pack to plug into the Adventure Cameras that they sell to film all day long.

21:18- Lance talks about the Adventure Cameras a little more as far as what’s in the kit including the camera, all the attachments, remote, a gun and bow mount, the different straps and more.

22:49- Lance talks about his background of being a high school math teacher and a football coach and basketball coach for 8 years and then deciding to do something else. He talks about flipping houses for awhile and then meeting the inventor of the decoys and deciding to start this company.

24:17 – Lance tells a cool story about Lincoln Tapp, the star of Youngwildtv and Lance giving him a whitetail decoy to use for his TV show. He tells Lincoln's story of harvesting a buck and being the first person to shoot a Whitetail buck with the decoy. He also talks about educating hunters on using the decoys and the difficulties that sometimes arise when people have to change their mindset from the way they typically hunt to understand how the decoys can help them.

29:50- Lance tells the story of being contacted by a hunter who asked if he thought his son, who is in a wheelchair, could use the decoys to hunt antelope. He talks about giving him an antelope decoy and then the father mounting it to the wheelchair and his son getting an antelope at 35 yards with a crossbow. Lance talks about how awesome it was to see the kid who had always had to hunt in a blind, finally getting the opportunity to hunt a different way.

34:01- Lance talks about how he will never hunt without the decoys again. He also talks about the upcoming year and expecting twins.

40:05 – Lance talks about the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, his experience so far and where to find Ultimate Predator Gear online and on social media - https://www.facebook.com/ultimatepredgear/ - https://www.instagram.com/ultimatepredatorgear/

41:03 – Wrapping up.


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