In this podcast we welcome Cliff Hockett, David Richter & Beau Reber of Antler Athlete. Cliff, David & Beau talk about their new venture into making hunting films and partnering with Antler Athlete to produce the best content possible. Their first venture as filmmakers was submitting a film to the Full Draw Film tour and it was selected as a top 10 contestant to be featured in the 2018 tour. They talk about the process of learning the technical side of filming, the learning curve it takes to be able to hunt & film at the same time and what type of films they are hoping to produce. We also discuss Cliff's company 4F Calls where he is making some unique custom elk calls out of elk horn. We talk about what makes these calls unique and why Cliff believes they have helped him call in bulls in situations where other calls would not have worked.


1:03 – Podcast starts and intro Cliff Hockett, David Richter and Beau Reber from Western Hunt Expo in Reno, Nevada.

2:25 – Cliff talks about his submission for Full Draw Film tour this year with Antler Athlete and what the film is all about. He talks about being selected in the top 10 for the 2018 tour and The hunts that took place in Southwest Colorado and Wyoming.

6:26 – Cliff talks about bringing Beau and David into help him film and be a part of his hunts for 2018 and also the partnership with antler athlete.

9:38- The group talks about everything that goes into filming hunts as far as equipment, how heavy  everything can be, the other hunters and videographers that are now with the, and still being able to produce content that people want to watch.

16:03 – Taking in the outdoors. They talk about enjoying what the wilderness has to offer whether you are hunting or not and how sharing that with others means so much to them through their films.

23:30- 4F calls. Cliff talks about his company 4F Calls and why he thinks his calls are a step above the rest. He talks about using Elk horn for the calls and how that makes his calls so unique.

27:15- Partnering with Antler Athlete. The group talks a little more about partnering with Antler Athlete for their films and the art that it takes to tell a good story.

30:45– Playing the odds at the expo to get tags. They talk about what each of them are putting in for this year and the different packages there are out there.

37:52– What each of them prefer to hunt and they also talk about some of their past hunts and guiding.

42:01- The different hunts they are going on this year and collaborating with each other to get the most tags in the most places.

47:36– They discuss the meat they have harvested this year and the different ways they cook and age the wild game they harvest. Brandon talks about the Shot, Caught and Trapped Barbecue he hosts every year and tells a little bit about last year's menu.

58:34- Wrapping up and where to find each of them on social media, where to find more about their Full Draw Film & 4F calls. - - -