Trevon Stoltzfus of Outback Outdoors, filmmaker and Producer is no stranger to the podcast and he is back to talk in depth about his new film that is being released today. The Florida Mountains in southern NM boasts an impressive elevation change of approximately 2,400’ from the desert floor and is home to some of the most elusive animals in the lower 48, the Persian (Bezoar) Ibex. Trevon had the opportunity in 2014 to draw an ibex tag in the Florida Mountains and created a film called THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure that was released in 2015 that showed the struggles he faced during that hunt. Well he again had the opportunity to draw another tag in the same location and is now releasing a followup to the film called THE RETURN TO THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure - Part 2 that shows his 2nd epic adventure of highs & lows. He is here to give you an inside look into those struggles he faced and paint a picture for those who have never been, exactly what the Florida Mountains are all about. He talks about the emotional rollercoaster he went on during the hunt, the bond he created with his crew and why hunting to him is all about the adventure & sharing it with people to FIND THEIR WILD.

Join Trevon & his crew for the sequel to their Ibex Quest with THE RETURN TO THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure - Part 2 where Trevon and his team of spotters and videographers try for a 2nd time to harvest the amazing and seemingly impossible Ibex. This Free Digital film can be found on CamoStreamGo. To watch the full film visit this link


1:03- Podcast start and thanks to this podcast's sponsors HHA Sports and Initial Ascent.

4:05- Intro Trevon Stoltzfus and his new film being released today as a Free Digital Download called THE RETURN TO THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure Part 2 filmed in the Florida Mountains of New Mexico. - -

6:33- Trevon talks about his experience going to the Florida mountains in New Mexico for the first film THE ROCK - An Ibex Adventure in 2014 and distributing the film on the Sportsman Channel in 2015 that is now available on Vimeo On Demand. 

10:19- New Mexico. Trevon talks about how much he loves his home state of New Mexico and all the reasons why including the landscape, the people, the food, and the heritage. - -

15:40- Trevon talks about the experience of drawing the first Ibex tag in the Florida Mountains and how good he felt to be able to go back home and hunt. He also talks about the plan for the first hunt because he knew how intense the Florida Mountains were but he had never experience them hunting ibex with a camera crew. 

23:08- He talks about the experience of the first trip of hunting with a camera crew & tells the story of one of his cameramen Jade Helmich of Full Draw Film Tour having kidney stones and needing to be taken off the mountain. He also talks about the bond you create with people when you experiencing hunting on the rock. - Listen to Jade Helmich's podcast to hear the whole story -

28:00- What Trevon thinks is the hardest part about hunting on the rock and what it was like to go back for the 2nd film knowing the mental and physical battle he would be facing. He talks about the highs and the lows, filming on 100 foot cliffs and what it was like to have a good team behind him including his camera crew, his dad & his spotters.

40:57- Trevon talks about the experience of knowing that their is a possibility of missing or not getting an opportunity to harvest an animal and knowing that you may never get that chance again if you are not successful.

43:16- Taking the ethical shot. Brandon and Trevon talk about taking an ethical shot on any animal on a hard hunt VS. waiting for a ethical shot on a bigger animal. Trevon talks about how he believes the mountain determines what animal you harvest when you were on a hunt.

46:58- Trevon’s experience of growing as a hunter because of filming his hunts and how he hunted differently on the 2nd ibex hunt. He also talks about how these films have been a passion project for him.

55:59- The reasons why Brandon and Trevon Hunt. Trevon talks about how much he loves the adventure and getting the opportunity to inspire others to find their wild. Brandon talks about how he feels the same about podcasting, sharing other's stories and getting others to get outdoors and find their wild through this podcast.

01:06:11- Joe Letarte's podcast. Trevon talks about how much he enjoyed a podcast Brandon did with a gentleman named Joe Letarte, who shared his epic adventure of going to Alaska and fighting for his life after being stranded. Trevon talks about why he thinks it’s the best podcast he has ever heard and why it could change people's lives. Listen to the full podcast with Joe Letarte here -

01:10-51- A little more about the new Ibex film. Trevon talks about where to find it and how he hopes people react to the film. He also talks about the importance of having this film be a Free Digital Download instead of on TV where people have to pay for it. He wants people to be affected by this film the way he was affected when he experienced it and he thinks that if it’s on a digital platform it will reach more people and affect more people to get outdoors and find their wild.

01:15:11- Wrapping up and goodbye until next time. Find more of Trevon's films and videos on Vimeo and on YouTube