Want to know more about how to get into the outdoor television industry or start your own business? Well we have an expert here to tell you what he thinks about the current industry and where the future lies with digital, linear & print. Joining us from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada is Marketing, Television & Digital Brand Specialist, Owner of Outta Bounds Marketing Agency and Programming Executive at Outdoor Channel, Santino Castellanos. Santino has spent a lifetime in the wilderness and found his passion for creating cinematic outdoor content along with his love for archery and hasn't looked back. Santino shares his background of how he got to where he is now and his advice to those who are looking to get into the industry or start their own business. He also talks about the current outdoor industry as a whole and why hunters need to get back to their roots of why they hunt.


:54- Podcast start & intro Santino Castellanos from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada. Santino & Brandon catch up a bit since they saw each other last at ATA in Indianapolis.

4:03- Hunting with your kids. Santino & Brandon talks about the experience of hunting with their children & having to put themselves in check when they get over excited or too into it.

10:09- Santino's background of hunting & how he got into hunting & the Marketing/TV industry. He shares how he started out running a gym & how that led him to pick up a bow and go to an ATA show. While at the ATA show he met Willi Schmidt of Pure Hunting and that led him to become a self-taught videographer & editor. - https://www.purehunting.com - He also shares how he began working on some projects for TrueSight Media which led him into the Marketing and Business side of TV. - https://www.truesightmedia.com

20:46- The current television industry. Is linear television dying? Santino talks about the future of digital & linear content as he sees it and his advice to those who are working on getting into the video industry or want to expand their brand. - https://bit.ly/2rrgtRohttps://bit.ly/2wgwwrdhttps://bit.ly/2rpuJeg 

29:29- The balance between digital & print and where the industry is heading. Santino talks about why it is so important to stand out in the hunting television industry & stay true to yourself and your brand. 

32:25- The hunting industry as a whole right now. Santino & Brandon talk about how hunters need to get back to the core values of why they hunt & appreciate the relationships of those around them who have the same values & interests.

42:30- Santino's recommendations for new business owners. Santino shares the top 3 things he would tell people who are trying to start a new business or grow their current business.

46:28- Santino's family. Santino talks about what his family means to him and how much he enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife and boys in the wilderness. 

52:20- Wrapping up & where to get in touch with Santino & Out of Bounds Marketing Agency. - https://getouttabounds.com - https://www.instagram.com/santino_mantino

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