Joining us from Calgary, Alberta, Canada is outdoor writer, blogger, survivalist and all around avid outdoorsman Christopher James of Be a Lion Outdoors. CJ grew up in the woods and the mountains hunting & fishing as a kid and has since made it his life to learn everything he can about the outdoors and is now passing down his passion through his writing and teaching others how to take advantage of everything the outdoors has to offer. CJ talks about the backstory of Be a Lion Outdoors, and all the things he is doing to teach others survival skills, wilderness tactics, forest fitness, how to reuse outdoor items, some recipes and more. CJ also shares his 3 rules of survival, the 5 W's he uses to educate people about the outdoors and what having a lion mentality means to him.  


1:03- Podcast start and intro Christopher James of Be A Lion Outdoors.

3:54- CJ talks about living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, his background of growing up in the outdoors and what it’s like to grow up and live where his family has spent generations. -

7:30- CJ talks about where he got the idea to do what he is doing now, how Be A Lion Outdoors came about and why it is so important to him to teach people how to take advantage of the outdoors.

9:57- CJ talks about his involvement in the community through fundraising and charities and getting people to know more about hunters an outdoorsman.

16:02- Ethics. CJ and Brandon talk about how ethics need to play a role in every day life. They talk about ways to have a ethics in everything you do and why that message is being lost these days. They also talk about having patience in everything you do in life. -

22:07- CJ talks about how he came up with Be A Lion Outdoors and what having a lion mentality means to him. -

27:06- CJ talks about getting published in a UK outdoor adventure & lifestyle magazine and how awesome it is to know that he is reaching more people. He talks about the articles he has written that are being featured in the UK on Outlook EXO called The Next Generation and The Three Rules of Survival. -

28:39- CJ talks about his three rules of survival and the 5W’s that he uses to educate people on the outdoors.

33:48- Wellness. Brandon and CJ talk about one of CJ‘s 5W's- Wellness and the importance of it to be able to overcome obstacles that are in front of you. 

39:07- CJ talks about how he knew he wanted to do what he is doing now as an outdoorsman and following in his father‘s footsteps.

47:13- CJ talks a little more about his 5W‘s. Wellness- He shares his number 1 tip for forest fitness Wild- He shares a wild story. Waters- He shares a good water story. Woods- He shares a good story about being in the woods. Wordpress- He talks about his passion for writing.

54:54- The future of Be A Lion Outdoors. CJ talks about some of the writing he is doing and shares some advice to people.

01:03:48- Wrapping up and where to find CJ and Be A Lion Outdoors. - - -

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