I'm sure you have heard of Kryptek camo but have you heard the back story of how it came to be? We are joined by Co-Founder & CEO Butch Whiting, and VP of Operations Justin Sparks to hear the amazing story that started as a day dream in Iraq & turned into the only of it's kind in tactical hunting camo gear. Butch shares the process of the military testing that was done on Kryptek camp to the tune of $10 million, how the wet printing process works to make it truly camouflage and why battlefield to backcountry is the absolute fiber of their brand. They also talk about being featured in video games and movies and all the other brands they have created in the lifestyle and fishing worlds. We also talk about their passion for hunting and the importance of spending time with their friends and family in the outdoors. We even have a beard smell-off and Butch gives Brandon a native name. This one is full of good stories and a lot of laughs!


1:02- Podcast start an intro from the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Reno Nevada. Brandon is joined by Butch Whiting and Justin Sparks of Kryptek Outdoor International.

2:58- Butch and Brandon tell the story of how they met each other in Indianapolis at ATA in an Uber. Brandon talks about how he was wearing a Kuiu jacket and being the only one in the Uber not wearing Kryptek. Butch talks about calling him out for not wearing Kryptek and then binding over beers and stories.

9:00- Butch talks about what Kryptek does to spread the word of hunting and conservation and why it is so important to continue to educate our children and spread the word of our hunting traditions.

11:12- Butch and Justin talk about the new line Kryptek has for women and children and why it’s so important to have gear for women and kids to keep them safe and warm in the outdoors.

12:48- The story behind Kryptek. Butch talks about the concept of Kryptek starting in Irag when he was stationed there in the military. He talks about flying Apache helicopters and working with the other co-founder Josh Cleghorn in the military and when they weren’t flying they were daydreaming about hunting. They decided to start a camo brand and take a different direction, and go with a tactical hunting side of the company, and Kryptek was born. He talks about working with the military to design the product to the tune of $10 million and now being the only of it's kind that was designed specifically for the military

21:55- Butch and Justin talk about the lifestyle line they have created and the fishing line they are working with called Huk Gear. They talk about the popular water patterns they use called Pontus and Neptune and how awesome it has been to see that side grow to where it is now.

25:13- The camo patterns. Butch & Justin talks about the patterns they designed in the camo, specifically the Mandrake, Highlander & Nomad and how successful those patterns are in the field for the military. They talk about how awesome it is to hear the stories of military soldiers that have worn Kryptek.

33:42- The wet printing process. Butch talks about how the military creates all of their camo with the wet printing process because it is the only way to be completely camouflaged. He talks specifically about the process and how it works. - http://www.herculite.com/blog/camouflage-over-the-years-how-military-fabrics-have-changed - https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266455264_Analysis_of_Printed_Fabrics_for_Military_Camouflage_Clothing

37:47- 2018 so far. Butch talks about the new stuff they have this year and expanding Kryptek to Russia, Africa, France/Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands and how great it has been to create those partnerships.

40:44- Being featured in video games and movies. Butch and Justin talk about being featured in the Call of Duty video games and how awesome that is to have a younger generation knowing of their brand. They also talk about the different movies they are featured in including Jurassic World, American Sniper, The Fast and The Furious, Den of Thieves and XXX.

43:02- Butch encourages the listeners to chase after their dreams & do everything they can to make them a reality. He talks about having his wife in his corner the entire time while creating Kryptek and how that helped him get to where he is today.

46:14- Justin talks about always being a gear head & knowing he wanted to do something in the outdoor industry. He talks about being introduced to Butch and then starting with the company seven years ago and what that experience has been like.

49:26- Wounded Warrior Outdoors. Butch and Brandon talk about how awesome the Wounded Warrior Outdoors program is and Butch talks about his involvement with them. He talks about how awesome it is to be involved with warriors and help them especially after serving in the military.

53:05- Life outside of Kryptek. Butch and Justin talk about their personal life outside of Kryptek, their children, and spending time with them in the outdoors, hunting and fishing with their family.

55:40- Military vs hunting. Butch talks about toning it down in the back country more these days as far as hunting and enjoying all the time he’s able to spend with his family. He talks about why he prefers to hunt with people instead of hunting solo and how it is like hunting with a team.

01:01:32- Butch and Justin‘s favorite places in the wilderness and a few stories of some of their favorite hunts.

01:12:58- The Beard Smell-off. Butch and Justin challenge each other to a beard smell-off and Brandon gets to pick who the winner is.

01:14:53- Wrapping up and Butch gives Brandon a native name.

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