We welcome Director of Sales & Marketing at HHA Sports, Scott Bakken and Event Coordinator for Pope and Young Club, Heather Knight. We catch up with Scott & Heather about what HHA and Pope & Young have been up to so far in 2018 and Scott shares his latest adventures at some archery challenges and a close encounter with a rattlesnake on a pig hunt in Texas. But the main focus of this podcast is to discuss the Pope and Young Rendezvous that is coming up June 8th - 10th, at the MacKenzie Center in Poynette, Wisconsin. Heather & Scott talk about all the events that will be happening for the whole family including, seminars, a kid's camp, a women's event, an aerial archery shoot, a long-distance shoot, the bowfishing frenzy, and something we are really excited about, the Adventure Race. They talk about what the race is all about, how the course is laid out and the awesome prizes that will be awarded to the winners as well as ways you can still register. This event is going to be awesome, so find out everything you need to know right here!


1:05- Podcast start and thanks to the sponsors. - http://www.hhasports.com

3:07- Intro Scott Bakken of HHA Sports and Heather Knight of Pope and Young Brandon gives an overview of what will be discussed on the podcast including the Pope and Young Rendezvous and Adventure Race coming up June 8-10th in Poynette, Wisconsin. - https://www.pope-young.org/rendezvous/default.asp

5:36- HHA update. Scott talks about 2018 so far for HHA with sales and trade shows and how busy this year has been. He also talks about the  and the Virtus Arrow Rest and Tetra Sight that have been very popular.

8:54- Scott talks about the different archery challenges he has done so far this year including Total Archery Challenge in San Antonio and the Western Trail Shoot in Redding California. He talks about how different the Western Trail shoot was from any other challenge he has done so far.

11:42- Scott talks about going pig hunting in Texas and having a run-in with a rattlesnake. He also talks more about the Western Trail shoot and Redding and how he had to stay aware of arrows flying in all different directions.

18:38- Heather talks about what’s new with Pope and Young Club this year and discusses the Rendezvous and the upcoming convention. They also talk about the Adventure Race at the Rendezvous in Wisconsin Friday June 8th.

25:10- Brandon talks about the only time he has been in Wisconsin where he went to buy a Harley and then the crazy adventure he went on to get home, driving through Nebraska with the crazy heat and tornadoes.

29:34- The group discusses more about the adventure race. They talk about the specifics of the race and how it is similar to a Train To Hunt event but a scaled-down version and how it prepares you for bigger races. They also talk about how they based the race to be more about your shooting so the better you shoot the better you end up in the rankings as opposed to how fast you are like many other races. They also talk about the winner of the men and women’s group getting a free entry for a Train To Hunt event either this year or next.

38:42- Heather talks about the pre-registration being extended to June 1st and the discounts and prizes that they are giving away as well as Wilderness Athlete products and more.

40:54- Heather talks about all the sponsors that are involved in the rendezvous this year including Train To Hunt, HHA, Kuiu,  She also talks about where to register for the rendezvous and how to get signed up. - https://pope-young.org/rendezvous/registration_step_1.asp

42:26- Heather discusses some of the other stuff going on after the Adventure Race including live entertainment, the film festival, a kid's camp and a bowfishing frenzy. Heather also talks about the different vendors that will be at the vendor's booth including HHA. Scott talks about how awesome it is to get your hands on all the new gear for 2018 at the vendor's booth

45:13- Wrapping up and where to find out more about pope and young and HHA. The three also make a bet about the Adventure race with the loser having to wear a tutu.

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