This week we are switching things up a bit! We have a couple who's journey to become professional athletes is not only inspiring but, extremely motivating. We welcome Mountain Endurance Athletes, Meredith June & Jason Schlarb, to talk about their passion for running and competing in the outdoors, and the steps they took to get to where they are today. Mere talks about always having a love for skiing and running at an early age and stopping at nothing to start a life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming after college, and then the decade she spent on the mountains perfecting her passion for competing in ultra running, ski mountaineering and ski mountaineer racing. Jason shares his story of growing up wanting to be a pilot, which led him to the military where he spent 10 years, until making the decision to travel abroad and become a professional runner. These two have seen some of the most magnificent places in the world, have experienced some of the craziest adventures and they are here to share it all including where they see themselves going from here.

Check out one of the projects they are involved in - It's all Yours to see how you can get involved, with the growing movement of passionate voices, spreading the importance of our forests and grasslands and how vital these lands are for our future.


01:02- Podcast start. Thanks to Sponsors. - -

2:54- Intro Meredith June Edwards AKA Mere June & Jason Schlarb from Animas Brewery Company in Durango, CO. -

5:25- Jason & Mere's diet during training & the new nutrition plan they started. They talk about the low carb, grain free, high fat diet that is basically like a Keto Diet. They talk about transitioning into the new diet especially with training & racing - - -

8::14- Mere's profession. Mere talks about being a mountain endurance athlete, ultra runner, ski mountaineer, and ski mountaineer racer. She describes what exactly a ski mountaineer racer is and how it works in the US and abroad. She also talks about the technical side of trekking up hills with skis on and the advances over the years that have helped with access to the back country. Jason talks about backcountry skiing and the all carbon boots that they make these days to make everything more comfortable and lighter. - - -

13:29- Jason's story. He talks about becoming a professional athlete after serving in the Air Force for 10 years. He talks about being a runner in college in Bozeman, Montana & then finding his roots again as a runner once he left the military. He talks about combining his passion for running and the outdoors through trail and ultra running and falling in love with it. - - -

15:04- Miguel Medina. Brandon talks about a past podcast guest, Miguel Medina, who went through a very hard time and found himself again through running. Brandon talks about how big of a fan Miguel is of Jason and how he follows all his races and finish times. Jason talks about how amazing it is to be able to inspire people and how that makes him feel like it is all worth it. -

17:24- Jason's background. Jason talks about growing up in many states including Colorado, Texas, and Oregon and how much he fell in love with Bozeman, Montana. He talks about the winters in Bozeman and how different the winters are in Colorado these days. -

19:26- Jason's childhood. Jason talks about what he imagined he would grow up to be. #1- an Olympic Skier & #2 a Jet Fighter Pilot. He talks about pursuing the pilot dream and how that brought him to the military but he was disqualified because of his hearing. He talks about now wanting to pursue flying helicopters.

22:52- Meredith's childhood. Meredith talks about growing up in Pennsylvania and going to the University of Louisville for field hockey, track, and cross country. She then talks about finding her way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the story behind how she ended up in Jackson Hole and why she fell in love with it. She talks about moving there two days after she graduated college, living in a ski factory sleeping on the ground, and being a ski bum for over a decade. - -

30:05- Mere talks about finding her passion for ski mountaineering and having mentors like Dave Wade who Is a Jackson Hole & Denali mountain guide. She talks about getting her start in racing by the help of Dave, competing in the lower races, then the World Championship, a World Cup Year and  making the US team. -

33:30- Mere talks about taking a leap of faith and moving from Jackson Hole to Durango after meeting Jason and how much she loves Durango.

37:33- Jason talks about his transition out of the military after 10 years & being a program manager for weapon development and then making the decision to travel abroad and start running professionally. - -

39:05- The story of how Mere and Jason met. Jason talks about knowing of Meredith through social media and the ski world and then seeing her at a retail show and being awestruck. He then reached out to her via Facebook for a race that he thought she might be interested in and falling in love with each other on that trip.

44:00- #It’sAllYours. Mere talks about how she got involved with the #It’sAllYours project and all the experiences she has gone through to help spread the word of #It’sAllYours. She talks about what it means to her & what she is doing now and in the future with the campaign. - -

54:04- Public lands. The three talk about trying to find a balance for everyone who uses public lands for whatever their passion is including hunting, running, biking, four wheeling and whatever else people love to do in the outdoors. They also talk about giving respect to others and giving respect to the animals when they are in the outdoors pursuing their passion. -

59:21- Jason’s talks about his experience of hunting with his father and Mere talks about her interest in hunting and why she has not taken up hunting yet.

0:01:42- What’s next for Jason and Mere. Jason talks about wanting to document their upcoming adventures together on video to show others who may not be able to make it to the places they are visiting what they are all about. They also talk about the different adventures they have planned for 2018 including a race in the Canary Islands, rafting trips, 2 races in Europe, the Base of the Eigera for a 100k race, The Run Rabbit runn 100 mile race in Steamboat and much more. - -

01:07:09- Mere and Jason talk about what the wilderness means to them and their favorite places they have seen through all their travels from the Tetons and Table mountain - China's Mount Siguniang - Bozeman, Montana and Glacier National Park specifically Iceberg Lake -

01:15:33- Mere and Jason talk about the #1 reason why they think people should get into the outdoors including the national forests and the wetlands and why they think we as humans have lost our place on this planet. -

01:21:37- Mere and Jason thank their sponsors including Altra Running, Camelbak, Jaybird Sports, Spring Energy, Cebe Eyeglasses and Big Agnes in Colorado. They also thank some people who have made a big impact on their lives including Mike Wolfe, who is a persistence hunter in Bozeman -  and Wild Bill who is a living legend of Jackson Hole - -

01:25:49- Wrapping up & goodbye until later this year when they plan to catch up on all of Mere & Jason's adventures.

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