We have another awesome podcast from Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Willi Schmidt, host of Pure Hunting on the Sportsman Channel, joins us to talk about how he got into the industry after being a commercial banker for 14 years and how rewarding it is to still be doing the show 7 years later. He also talks about how much the hunting television industry has changed over the years and how he has to focus on so much more as far as social media, writing blogs and doing testimonials, that has now turned into a year-round commitment instead of just a television season. Then we have a surprise guest! Sherry, Willi's wife joins us to talk about their upcoming move from Colorado to Bozeman, Montana and what the experience has been like to build their dream home. She also shares her perspective as a non-hunter being married to hunter, the experience of seeing their daughter follow in her father's footsteps & why she has so much respect for hunters and the hunting community.


01:04- Podcast start & Intro Willi Schmidt from Western Hunting & Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brandon talks about how much he looks up to Willi as a role model and how they met. They also talk about how the hunting & fitness communities bring like minded people together.

6:03- Willi talks about starting out in the industry 7 years ago & his background. Willi shares how he went from a commercial banker to a TV host and the journey along the way. He also talks about growing up in Colorado with his father who was a wildlife biologist & professor at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He shares some memories of growing up in the woods and going hunting with his father when he was just old enough to walk. He also talks about the other hunting shows he was on before Pure Hunting - https://www.purehunting.com/willi-schmidt

10:51- Western Hunting & Conservation Expo. Brandon & Willi talk about the different trade shows & how amazing it is to be around great people. They also talk about how the fitness & hunting industries intertwine and how much the fitness push at hunting trade shows has increased over the years. - https://huntexpo.com - http://www.traintohunt.com - https://bit.ly/2rAFQQX

17:20- What's next for Pure Hunting. Willi talks about the upcoming season 7 of Pure Hunting. He also talks about how much TV has changed over the years and why it is so important to go beyond just the TV show and push social media, write blogs, do testimonials and market yourself beyond just the TV show. - https://www.purehunting.com/pure-hunting-blog - https://www.instagram.com/purehunting_official - https://www.facebook.com/PureHunting

21:17- Moving to Bozeman, Montana. Willi talks about making the tough decision to move from his native Colorado roots to Bozeman, Montana and why they chose Bozeman. - https://www.bozeman.net

28:45- Sherry, Willi's wife joins the podcast to talk about the move to Bozeman and how excited she is to build their dream home in such a beautiful place. 

31:03- Sherry & Willi talk about their long lasting marriage. Sherry also talks about what it is like being married to a hunter/hunting TV host and how much she enjoys the time with him and some alone time when he is away.

34:28- Sherry's perspective on hunting as a non-hunter. Sherry talks about growing up with a family of hunters as a non-hunter and now being married to a hunter. She shares how much respect she has for hunters and how cool it is to see her daughter Samantha hunt with Willi. They also talk about their son's passion for hockey.

43:53- Brandon & Willi's spirit names. Brandon & Willi talk about their spirit names that were given to them by Butch Whiting of Kryptek and the stories behind the names. - https://kryptek.comhttps://kryptek.com/kryptek-founders

48:46- The current state of the hunting industry. Willi & Brandon discuss the hunting industry and why it is so important to bring in a younger generation of hunters and also get back to the core of hunting and why they love to hunt. - http://www.huntingheritagefoundation.comhttps://bit.ly/2Fj122F - https://bit.ly/2jKzzPg - https://on.doi.gov/2gNr1Jc 

54:15- Wrapping up.

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