For those of you who love a good tear jerker or adventure film or want to know more about becoming a filmmaker, then this podcast will give you all the info you need to know. This week we welcome Jade Helmich, Owner of Full Draw Film Tour to talk about the tour, how he became the Owner and how they go about choosing which films make it in the tour. He talks about his passion for film & TV and the steps he took to become a videographer on many of the top hunting shows. Jade also shares a few hunting & filming stories including one where he had to trek down some of the most rugged terrain in severe pain, during an ibex hunt in New Mexico's Florida Mountains, to pay a visit to the ER. If you have not heard about the Full Draw Film tour, then give this one a listen. The Producers and film makers Jade works with are some of the best in the business and the tour is a must see.


:56- Podcast start & thanks to our Sponsors. - - -

3:10- Full Draw Film Tour. Jade gives a brief overview of the FDFT, how he got involved and what the film tour is all about.

7:00- Jade's background. Jade talks about how he got into hunting & the outdoors and shares some of his favorite memories of hunting with his dad when he was a kid.

11:30- Jade shares one of his most memorable hunts where he was filming ibex in New Mexico's Florida Mountains. He shares how he started feeling ill & had to trek down some of the toughest terrain to get to the ER.

25:53- Filming Hunts. Jade talks about how he became interested in film & TV and the path that led him to become a videographer on some of the top hunting shows. -

37:01- The Film Tour. Jade talks about how he got involved with the film tour and how that led him to now run the FDFT.

40:13- Jade talks about some of the hurdles he has faced with the film tour and what it is like for him to see how much others enjoy the films and get some free stuff during the giveaways from the sponsors. -

43:52- Jade talks about how the film tour works & why it is so much more than just watching some movies. He talks about the experience of the tour and how they go about selecting the finalists that will be in the tour.

48:46- Becoming a filmmaker. Jade shares some advice to people who want to become a filmmaker or submit a film to the tour. He talks about why the story line of a film is so important and the different storylines that can make a film standout from the rest.

51:58- The 2018 Film Tour. Jade talks about the 2018 tour and the premiere that will be in Spokane, WA on May 10th. He also talks about some of the tour dates and expanding to the east coast this year. -

54;43- The 2018 filmmakers. Jade talks about some of the filmmakers that made the finals for the 2018 s tour and shares some of the storylines behind some of the films that were selected. -

-1,000 Miles to Ivory by Antler Athlete-

-The Fullest by Crowfly Creative-

-Both Side of the Fence by Jason Matzinger-

-Eyes of the Shadows by Obsessed Outdoors-

-2 Close 4 Comfort 2.0 by Outback Outdoors-

-Pure Elevation-

-Utah Elk by Pure Hunting-

-Moments by Pursue The Wild & Kristy Titus-

-Pictures by Top Priority Hunting-

-Longbow by Twisted River-

01:04:46- Get tickets. Jade tells the listeners where they can go to get tickets and learn more about the tour and the different ways people can find out how to make films. - - - -

01:07:16- Wrapping up, where else to find Jade & FDFT & thanks to sponsors. -

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