This week we have some very special guests for you. Yancy Baer and Tommy Neuens with Wounded Warrior Outdoors join us to talk about WWO and how much it has changed their lives. Yancy & Tommy are wounded veterans who are making a difference in other veterans lives with every trip they take. If you are not familiar with WWO, it is a is a non-profit organization exclusively founded to provide wounded servicemen and women with therapeutic outdoor adventures across North America. The program takes men & women on hunting and fishing trips to provide support and family for those who need an outlet to overcome any struggles they are facing. Yancy & Tommy talk about how they got involved with WWO, their stories of how they got to where they are now after serving their country and the amazing adventures they have gone on with the program. They also talk about the new digital series Adventures Enabled and how it is a perfect glimpse into their lives and what the WWO program does for them on a daily basis.


:55- Podcast start & intro Yancy & Tommy from Sheep show in Reno, Nevada.

3:25- Wounded Warrior Outdoors. Yancy & Tommy talk about the program and what they think is the most important aspect of it. -

5:00- Adventures Enabled. Yancy & Tommy talk about the new digital series Adventures Enabled and what it is all about. They talk about how the show captures everything that the outdoors does for the veteran involved in WWO mentally & physically. - -

9:22- Yancy & Tommy talk about the prosthetics themselves & how much they have evolved over the years. They also talk about how amazing they work in the outdoors to allow them to do everything people can do with all of their limbs. - - -

11:25- Yancy & Tommy talk about how much much WWO has helped the warriors involved to teach people that a disability is just a mindset. 

17:00- They talk about a veteran that is involved in WWO who wants to be on Naked & Afraid. They also talk about how empowering the program can be for people. -

18:36- Ways you can support WWO through donations and fundraisers. -

19:33- Yancy's story. Yancy talks about why he wanted to serve, enlisting in the Army thinking it would only be 4 years and then his journey over 25 years that led him to where he is now.

21:04- Brandon's friend Steve who is in the Green Beret & some of the stories he has told Brandon about his service.

25:05- Yancy & Tommy's advice to veterans to help them get through the hard times and how it is so important to focus on some positive things instead of the negative. They also talk about why they don't think veterans should take meds and ways like WWO to get mental & physical therapy instead of taking medications. 

28:53- Tommy's story of how he got into the Navy post 911 and his path that lead him to where he is now.

29:45- Brandon's brother in law's experience in the Special Forces & his experience as a bed hopper. 

32:25- How WWO is a giant family and how honored Yancy & Tommy are to be involved in the WWO program. Yancy tells the story of 1 man who was planning on taking his own life after his first WWO hunting trip and how that trip changed his life to now be happily married with kids. -

35:15- Yancy & Thomas' offer to all wounded warriors out there to get involved with the WWO program and how to go about it. -

38:11- The fun side of WWO and some of Yancy's favorite moments from trips he has taken. He also talks about how cool it is to see the progression of people during the hunts. He also tells one of his favorite stories about a warrior and his 50 caliber bullet hole wound. 

44:00- Wrapping up & where to go to contact and help WWO. - -