This week we welcome Lissy Largin of Salty Viking Minerals. Brandon met Lissy at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City this year and was introduced to her and her product. Salty Viking Minerals have helped Brandon so much with his recovery after working out and training for Train to Hunt, that he wanted to share Lissy's story & product with the listeners. Lissy talks about her childhood of growing up as a dancer and then life leading her down another path, to business school. She talks about her passion for creating businesses and how awesome it has been to see Salty Viking Minerals grow into where it is today. Brandon & Lissy talks about the history of mineral bathing, the science behind her product and the different ways you can use minerals to help your body recover. 


:54- Podcast start & intro Lissy Largin with Salty Viking Minerals.

6:47- Lissy talks about her background and growing up with her father who made knives and knowing how to make knives when she was 7.

9:47- Lissy talks about her schooling and studying business in college. She also talks about joining the Peace Corps.

11:30- Lissy talks about her background of dancing. She talks about tearing her hamstring when she was 17 that how it ended her dancing career. She talks about how the injury still effects her today and how that injury led her down the path of business.

19:56- Lissy talks about her progression after school and joining the Peace Corps. She talks about going to Mexico with the Peace Corps to help people start up companies. She decided to start her own company so that she could have more hands on experience with creating and selling products. She explains how much she enjoyed creating a business and how that led her to start Salty Viking Minerals.

25:23- Lissy talks about starting Salty Viking Minerals and how cool it was for her business to tell her which direction she should go with it. She also talks about the challenges she faced when starting Salty Viking and how surprised she was that athletes and men liked her product. She talks about picking the scents and what surprised her about that process. -

29:41- Lissy talks about 1 of the men she sponsors, Adam Geiger who is a strength and conditioning coach and Strong Man Champion. - -

 31:50- Lissy talks about how once she found her clientele, she discovered that they were all about the science behind her product so she then needed to find a group of experts to help her find ways to show people how the product works. She talks about Dr.Bennion and how he is always available to answer any questions that people may have. -

 37:30- Lissy talks about Eli Lankford who is a teacher at BYU that specializes in Human Performance and Recreation and how he is helping her with studies involving Salty Viking Minerals and what they are doing in the studies. -

40:47- Brandon's personal experience with Salty Viking Minerals after working out really hard and needing some relief. He talks about how surprised he was with how much the product helped him physically & mentally.

45:43- The history of mineral bathing in many cultures for decades. Lissy talks about how the Fountain of Youth is said to have been a mineral hot spring. She also talks about why mineral bathing helps you so much. -

50:51- Lissy talks about how much minerals help you not only physically but mentally as well because they replenish your body & brain with many minerals that we deplete when we work out. -

51:57- Lissy talks about her experiment with placing Salty Viking minerals directly on a bruise and how much it helped with the healing process. -

56:40- Where to find Salty Viking on the web and on social media. - - -

58:18- Lissy talks about how much she appreciates those who love the outdoors and being in the sun and how she find her wilderness inside instead.

01:00:36- Lissy talks about 1 of the most amazing places she has been to in the world. The Meteora Mountains in Greece that remind her of something that would be in a Dr. Seuss book. - -

01:02:49- The story behind how Lissy came up with the name Salty Viking.

01:04-03- Wrapping up and thanks to all of Lissy's supporters.