This week we have a very special podcast for you that brings some of the things Brandon loves most together in 1 place. We have Hunting, Conservation, Family, Friends, Podcasting and HOCKEY! From the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado and home of the Colorado Avalanche, Brandon is joined by Sportsman Channel Hunting TV Hosts Jason Matzinger, Trevon Stoltzfus & Willi Schmidt for the Avalanche vs Minnesota Wild hockey game & viewing of Jason's latest film #PROJECTELK. The group discuss some of the hot issues effecting hunting today, ways we all can help bridge the gap between hunters and anti-hunters and how to explain why we hunt to the world the best we can. We also talk about the ethical nature of hunting, Jason's film #PROJECT ELK and how the film is giving back to the RMEF (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) in many ways. It's a fun one so ENJOY!

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:54- Podcast start from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado for the Avalanche vs Wild hockey game and viewing of #PROJECTELK.

2:17- #PROJECTELK. Jason talks about why he wanted to produce this film and why he wanted to get his message out there about hunting and conservation.

3:41- The ethical nature of hunting. Jason talks about the questions he get the most about hunting and how it explains it to people. - - Willi talks about a great article he read by Ryan Lampers about the experience of hunting. -

6:40- Trevon talks about the Pittman Robertson Act & why just buying a gun or a bow and a hunting tag is not enough. He explains why it is so important to educate the younger generation about hunting. - 

9:22- Organic Meat. The group talks about the Organic Meat epidemic that people are on right now and why we need to educate people that hunters have been eating "Organic Meat" for hundreds of years. They talk about why this is so important for people to understand. - -

10:43- Bridging the gap. The group talks about finding the topics that need to be talked about with people to bridge the gap between hunters, non-hunters and anti-hunters. -

14:35- Hunting IS Conservation. Jason talks about his film Hunting IS Conservation, the film project he is doing with the RMEF. He talks about all the ways the RMEF foundation tries to spread the word about hunting including the short film, recipes and much more. -

15:43- Trevon's recommendation to people who want to learn more about hunting. -

17:04- Proud Hunters. Willi talks about how important it is to be proud about being a hunter. There is no need to be apologetic about hunting. The more you talk about it and explain that it is not about just killing an animal, the more people will understand and they will spread the word for you. -

21:33- The reasons they all hunt. The group talks about why they started hunting and how much their reasons have changed over the years. They talk about how the hunting journey is always evolving and the different stages of being a hunter. - -

30:59- Jason talks about his experience helping the Girl Scouts learn how to shoot a bow and how much they loved it. They discuss how beneficial archery can be to help people with all sorts of issues. - -

34:11- What Jason hopes to accomplish with #PROJECTELK and how big of a deal it is to him to be at the Pepsi Center showing his film to people. He also talks about how 50% of the proceeds for every download on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon will go back to the RMEF. - -

38:20- Brandon talks about a video he watched of Jason where he has a deadly stare and where that look comes from. Jason talks about his obsession with Chick-Fil-A. 

39:49- Willi's move to Bozeman, Montana. Willi talks about moving from Colorado to Bozeman and why he is so excited for the move.

42:25- Wrapping up & where to find #PROJECTELK, Into High Country, Outback Outdoors & Pure Hunting.

Jason Matzinger & Into High Country- - 

Willi Schmidt & Pure Hunting- - 

Trevon Stoltzfus & Outback Outdoors- -