For all you foodies and those with an entrepreneurial spirit, this week's guest has taken her passion for nutrition and the outdoors to create a company that encompasses just that. Heather's Choice produces paleo and gluten-free dehydrated backpacking foods and snacks for hunting, camping and any adventure in the wilderness. Heather Kelly talks about her background in nutrition consulting, getting her first dehydrator and how it changed her life. She talks about the steps it took for her to create Heather's Choice and some of the road blocks along the way. We also talk about all the different dehydrated foods Heather's Choice offers, why finding the right ingredients is so important to her and how much she loves helping people understand where their food comes from. Brandon shares his own personal goals for eating better and Heather talks about her passion for inspiring others to live a healthier life.


:51- Podcast start and intro Heather Kelly of Heather's Choice from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada.

1:58- Brandon's dislike for coconut and sauerkraut and how much Heather enjoys finding out about people's weird things with certain foods.

4:35- How Heather started Heather's Choice with a kickstarter and how much she loves Sheep Show. - -

7:05- Heather's background in nutrition consulting and eating psychology. Heather talks about being a nutrition consultant and loving her job but wanted to do something that would get her out of the gym and into the backcountry. She talks about having a hard time finding foods that were lightweight that she could bring into the backcountry and then finding a dehydrator and becoming obsessed with it. She talks about her journey with the help of her friends and families encouragement to pursue this as a company. - -

11:29- Some of the biggest challenges Heather has had with her company so far and the kickstart experience.

16:23- Heather talks about getting her company to where it is and now needing to keep up with the demand.

19:11- Heather talks about the process of finding employees and how awesome it is to work with great people. -

21:39- The ingredients Heather uses. Heather talks about where her ingredients come from and how she ships it to Anchorage where she produces her meals. She also talks about the specifics of where some of her favorite meals she makes originated from. -

25:19- Heather's Choice Entrees. Heather lists all of the different entrees they offer and the new entrees they are releasing this year. -

27:22- Brandon & Heather's different cooking styles and how important it is to make sure the food you are making is consistent every time.

33:57- Brandon's chef days. Brandon tells the story of making Paella for 2,000 people for a a Super Bowl party in 1996 in Phoenix, AZ.

36:03- Heather's family history. Heather talks about her grandparents moving their family to Alaska in the 50's and now living in the same house they built in Bird Creek, Alaska.

37:34- What's coming up for Heather outside of Heather's Choice and where she hopes the company will be in five years. She also talks about traveling more in the future. -

39:19- Brandon talks about his 80 year old father wanting to hike the Grand Canyon and his experience with dehydrated foods in the backcountry.

42:50- Eating Healthier. Heather & Brandon discuss the different motivations people have for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. They also talk about their passion for inspiring other people to eat healthier. -

49:46- Heather's experience raising chickens and how it has made her appreciate how much effort it takes to farm your own meat.

51:50- Heather's plans this year to educate people on why should try her meals and the different tools she can use to continue getting her message out there.

01:00:57- Brandon & Heather's thoughts on eliminating sugar from your diet and getting your blood pressure down. They also talk about eating for your body & blood types and the book Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf that will help you figure out what types of foods you should or should not be eating. -

01:04:22- Wrapping up. Heather talks about her recent interest in hunting and her plans to get her first animal this year. She also talks about where you can find out more about Heather's Choice. - - - -