For most this guest needs no introduction but, for those of you who are not familiar with Remi Warren, he has spent more time hunting in the wilderness than most. Remi has guided hunters all of the world and is best known for his former hunting series Apex Predator & his appearances on Solo Hunter. Remi's outdoor adventures could be turned into novels and this week we get to hear some of his most memorable moments in the wild including one of his favorite guiding moment with a bear encounter. Remi also shares a very special story that most have not heard involving his now wife, in which he saved her life after she went missing for 3 days in the desert. Remi also talks about how he knew at a very young age that he wanted to be a guide and the steps he took to turn his passion into his full time job. We also discuss his love for the wilderness, his involvement with Solo Hunter & what's next for 2018. There's all kinds of adventures in this podcast, enjoy!


1:01- Podcast start & intro Remi Warren from Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1:50- Wilderness Athlete. Remi talks about how he got involved with Wilderness Athlete & talks about how he has used their products for over 10 years and how much it has helped him step up his hunting game. -

5:09- Remi talks about guiding & scouting other hunters and what it is like guiding new hunters. - -

6:42- Remi talks about knowing he wanted to be a guide since he was a little kid and some of the awesome stories his grandpa, who was a guide, used to tell him. He tells the story of his grandpa guiding someone who shot his gun through the floorboard of his grandpa's truck. Remi also talks about the reasons he loves guiding so much. 

11:56- Remi talks about his dad & grandpa & how much they influenced him though his hunting.

15:54- He talks about how his hunting has progressed over the years and the experience of now getting to hunt with his brothers and fiancé and what he has learned from guiding. Brandon & Remi also talk about not overanalyzing your hunting and knowing when to take the shot & not hesitate.

23:03- Remi talks about one of his favorite guiding stories. He talks about how he guided a hunter who told him he doesn't understand how people can miss at closer ranges and then missing multiple times on an elk at close range. Remi also talks about the bear encounter they had along the way.-

31:54- One of Remi's scariest moments he doesn't typically share. Remi tells the amazing story of his now wife going missing in the desert for 3 days. He talks about all of the ups and downs he went through along the way of thinking he was close to finding her & then being heartbroken until the moment it looked like he was going to find her.

38:28- What Remi has learned from his life in the wilderness & what the outdoors do for him as a person.

40:18- Solo Hntr Tv. Remi talks about his involvement in Solo Hntr TV. He also talks about how crazy it is that he and host Tim Burnett have only hunted together 2 times in New Zealand & New Mexico. -

42:44- Remi talks about some of his most memorable hunts and his favorite places in the wilderness including Montana & Nevada. -

46:16- Remi's favorite thing to do besides hunting & what he has coming up for 2018 including hunts and getting married.

53:38- Wrapping up & where to find Remi. -