This week we welcome Adam Perry & Ben Wehling of DAYSIX Outdoors. Adam & Ben are spreading their passion for the outdoors through DAYSIX in hopes of inspiring others to live an outdoor lifestyle. The name DAYSIX Outdoors came from the story of God's creation that he made animals and people on the sixth day. Ben & Adam talk about what they are doing at Taylor University in Indiana to support conservation and wildlife management. They talk about the trap line they have been running for the last 3 years and the positive effect they are now seeing with the deer population. They also discuss the other things they are doing on the property, the benefit of predator control and what other projects they want to start to impact the students at the university. If you are curious about trapping or predator management then give this one a listen!


:53- Podcast start & intro Adam Perry & Ben Wehling of Day 6 Outdoors.

4:51- Adam's background and how he got into the outdoors. Adam talks about hunting with his dad & grandpa when he was young and getting his first deer when he was 18. Adam also talks about getting his job at the Taylor University in Indiana. -

7:48- Ben's background of moving back to his home town in Indiana & getting his job at Taylor University. He talks about how his job has introduced him into the outdoors by working & hunting on the property.

10:10- Trapping on the property. Adam and Ben talk about the trapping side of what they do. They talk about the trapping season & how they work around the hunting seasons to trap. They discuss how this year's trapping season was 60 days and how that works. -

11:26- The Taylor University Property that they manage. Adam & Ben talk about how the property is broken up into 4 sections that they manage & how they keep their schedules organized with managing the property and having a family.

14:45- The variables of their job at the University. Adam & Ben discuss how they keep a positive attitude when they aren't seeing immediate results with trapping and predator management.

18:40- The Trap Line. They discuss how they got into trapping. Adam talks about watching a man name Dave Canterbury on YouTube and learning about trapping through his videos. He talks about the first year he started the trap line and some of the misconceptions out there about trapping. - - -

24:18- They talk about all the changedsthey have seen now that they are into their 3rd year of running the trap line and how they are seeing it work for deer management. 

26:56- They talk about working with other hunters that are nearby to all do their part in predator control. -

33:05- Adam & Ben talk about the information they are collecting for the University and the different programs they would like to start for to benefit the students.

37:42- They discuss what Day 6 can continue to do to spread the word of predator control and wildlife management. They also talk about the different companies they are working with. - - - -

44:56- Ben & Adam talk about what else they have going on besides Day 6 Outdoors and how important it is for them to get outside with their children.

50:56- They talk about what the wilderness means to them and Ben shares his hack for carrying his binoculars and why he thinks it is a game changer. Adam also sharesa hack for what he believes is the best bait for coyotes.

58:04- Wrapping up and where to find them. - - 

Podcast Sponsored By Wilderness Athlete

Podcast Sponsored By Wilderness Athlete