Need some tips on how to be a better bow hunter? Think your bow might need a few tweaks? Just want to gain some more knowledge about hunting or archery in general? Well we have all of that and more for you in this podcast with Phil Mendoza, Beau Thiry & Braden Forsyth of Alpha Bowhunting. The crew talks about the different things they offer at their campus in Denver, Colorado including the new all day workshops they are putting on and the pyramid they teach of Bowhunting Building Blocks, Building a Bowhunting System & Situational Bowhunting. Make sure you listen until the end because Phil gives the listeners a discount code for 10% off the Alpha Bowhunting classes. 

:54- Podcast start & intro Phil Mendoza, Beau Thiry & Braden Forsyth from the latest Alpha Bowhunting all day workshop.

4:36- The idea behind the Alpha Bowhunting workshops, why they decided to start doing them and it has evolved into what it is now. Phil also talks about what they provide in the workshops, gives an overview of what they cover and why they are here to help bowhunters be successful. -

9:56- Brandon's experience with his first Alpha Bowhunting workshop and how cool it was for him and his son to experience that together. He also talks about what he learned about kinetic energy and the baseline that the workshops provide to people.

13:20- The importance of thinking beyond just the range you are shooting at. They talk about how people get caught up in the range of what they are shooting instead of thinking about how much energy the arrow is carrying and the other aspects of improving as you develop as an archer.

15:23- Phil talks about the way he structures the workshops to help the bowhunter and then taking the time to individually look at each archer and how they can improve using Phil's knowledge. He talks about the different things he covers in the workshops to be legal and follow the rules setup by the Division of Fish & Wildlife.

19:44- Phil talks about the next workshop and bringing in a person from the Hunter Outreach program. He also talks about how important it is for him to educate new bowhunters on everything they need to get them that much closer to be successful. 

27:26- Why learning everything that Phil teaches in the courses is so important to having an ethical mindset in the wilderness and being ethical to the animal it self. They also talk about what's next after the workshops to continue becoming a better bowhunter. 

31:29- Phil breaks down how the workshops are structured from the Bowhunting Building Blocks 1.0 & 2.0, Building a Bowhunting System & Situational Bowhunting and how this information is not just taken from Phil's experience, it is a info taken from hundreds of people and Phil is just the delivery guy.

36:30- Phil talks about the 2 books he has written, Targeting Buck Fever and his new book, Shoot or Don't Shoot and the feedback he has gotten from people who have attended or listened to his workshops. He also shares how amazing it is to spread his knowledge with people and teach them with the awesome people he has around him. -

46:37- Phil talks about the upcoming classes they have coming like how to build your own arrows and the tuning class that they just put up.

52:20- Phil, Beau & Brayden's words of advice to the listeners. 

55:07- Wrapping up. Where to find Alpha Bowhunting courses, what discount code to enter to get 10% off of the courses & the upcoming courses April 21st & throughout the rest of the summer. Brandon also thanks Ultimate Predator for the cameras this podcast was recorded on and where to go to find out more about their adventure cameras & decoys.

Podcast Brought To You By Ultimate Predator Gear

Podcast Brought To You By Ultimate Predator Gear