This is a very special podcast for Brandon as these two men have helped shape him into the man he is today. We are honored to have the Founders of Wilderness Athlete, Mark Paulsen & Chris Denham on the show from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada. Brandon talks about meeting Chris for the first time, being introduced to Wilderness Athlete products and how they have made him feel like family. Mark & Chris share their most memorable moment in the outdoors with bears and how they have learned to appreciate the simple things in life. Chris also talks about what he has on the horizon with his other company, Western Hunter Magazine and TV and Mark talks about how exciting it is to see Wilderness Athlete become what it is today. We also discuss being prepared in the wilderness, the Working Athlete and challenging people through health & fitness.


:49- Intro Coach P & Chris Denham from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada.

3:28- Where Brandon & Chris met and how Brandon learned of Wilderness Athlete. Brandon talks about the journey he has been on ever since then and how Wilderness Athlete treats their customers like family. Mark & Chris talk about what is feels like to challenge their customers to be better people.

10:14- Mark's experience hunting with Chris & just simply grabbing some dirt and smelling it. He talks about how we don't make enough time in our lives to stop and enjoy the little things enough.

11:27- Chris talks about how he got into hunting as a kid and getting his first coues deer when he was 16. He shares what it was like to draw a tag this year for deer in the same location and the experience of being back in that spot where he harvested his first animal.

14:09- Why Chris hunts. He talks about how important it is for hunters to know how to explain why they hunt to non hunters & a new section of his Western Hunter magazine, The Hunting Brain.

17:37- Coach P's life since the last podcast and his story of retiring from coaching after 30 years. He talks about getting some down time lately and appreciating the little things with friends and family -

21:35- Chris shares one of his most memorable moments with Mark in the wilderness and what he remembers most isn't the elk they were able to harvest but the bears. Mark & Chris tell the story of bears invading their camp.

26:30- Brandon's story of driving his Harley back from Wisconsin with his wife through tornadoes and crazy weather and how that is what he will remember most from that trip.

28:15- Being prepared to go into the outdoors - - 

32:23- Brandon talks about how hunting with his kids has changed his definition of why he hunts and the experience of showing his kids what field to plate truly means.

36:49- What's on the horizon for Chris with Western Hunter Magazine and TV. They discuss digital and print & if Chris sees print as a dying medium - -

40:43- What's coming up for Mark. Mark talks about continuing to develop new products for Wilderness Athlete and the Working Athlete section of WA that encourages businesses to provided healthier options to their employees. -

49:34- Brandon talks about his wife's experience using Wilderness Athlete Products and the success she has had with her 28 day challenge - -

51:57- Chris' story of finding a hiker in the Grand Canyon who was doing the Rim to Rim and noticing that he needed so help. Chris talks about how he gave him Wilderness Athlete Hydrate & Recover and how cool it was to see how much it made a difference - -

54:23- Wrapping up and Brandon's thanks to Chris & Mark for changing his life.