This week we welcome Phil Mendoza, Owner of Alpha Bowhunting & No Limits Archery. If you aren't familiar with Phil, he is a Colorado native who found a love for archery at an early age and has made it his life. Phil shares his earliest memories of hunting with his dad & uncles as a kid and what it is like now to experience that with his sons. We also talk about Alpha Bowhunting from the challenges that Phil puts on to his seminars & workshops that help people understand the benefits of shooting under pressure and the issues people have with target panic and shot routine. We discuss the all day workshop Phil is conducting on March 24th and how much Phil enjoys teaching people everything there is to know about archery. Make sure you listen until the end because there is an awesome FREE giveaway Phil is offering to Wildness Attitude listeners!


:47- Intro Phil Mendoza and Alpha Bowhunting.

2:52- Phil's earliest memories in the wilderness with his dad and uncles hunting and helping them until he was old enough to hunt himself. He talks about now seeing that same excitement in his sons and what that is like for him.

6:34- Phil talks about how he got into archery and the process of starting No Limits Archery. He talks about the struggles that he faced through the 9 years and then starting Alpha Bowhunting -

10:57- Phil talks about the new series he is starting and why he wanted to do it. He talks about the workshops he is doing and the progression of how it all came together. -

15:37- What Alpha Bowhunting Challenge is all about. and what his goal was when he started it. Phil talks about challenging people mentally & physically through archery. -

19:45- Phil talks about teaching people every aspect of archery and showing them that archery is something that you have to constantly work at to be better. He talks about how the kill is just a small piece of bowhunting and how everything in the middle from picking out your bow to taking the shot is what is most important. 

26:02- The specific topics that Phil focuses on in his seminars & workshops including target panic & building your archery system.

42:06- The workshop Phil is doing on the March 24th, 2018 and what it took for Phil to gain the confidence he needed to do what he is doing now with these seminars.

46:18- Where people can find the online courses and the all day workshops. Phil also talks about setting up a promo code soon for Wilderness Attitude listeners and where listeners can send Phil an email to receive a FREE audio book of Targeting Buck Fever. -

50:51- Wrapping up