Joining us from Sheep Show is Host and Producer of The Yukon Wild, Greg McHale. Greg is a long-time Yukoner, accomplished adventure racer and has experienced some of the roughest terrain and toughest tests imaginable. We talk about Greg's background, how he got into the outdoors and how sports and hunting intertwine. Greg shares some of his amazing stories of adventure racing and white water rafting all over the world and talks about one of the most memorable hunts he experienced with his father that he will cherish forever. We also talk about facing your fears, being physically and mentally fit to get your best performance and what hunting and the outdoors does for Greg.


:46- Intro Greg McHale and The Yukon Wild from Sheep Show in Reno, Nevada -

2:17- Greg's background. How he got into the outdoors and having parents that showed him what the wilderness was all about. He talks about his favorite memories of hunting as a teenager and the experience of harvesting his first buck when he was 15.

5:37- The other outdoor activities Greg enjoys besides hunting. He talks about how hunting & sports intertwine and the competitive side of him with adventure racing. He also talks about living in the Yukon and how amazing it is to have the incredible landscapes he has in his backyard.

10:30- Greg's move out west after college. He talks about he and his wife packing up everything they owned and moved to the Yukon.

16:27- Greg's experience of adventure racing all over the world and what it is like to be in another country and having to navigate your way through the course. He also talks about white water rafting and facing the unknown - -

20:50- Fitness and health. Greg talks about being fit mentally and physically and taking the time to prepare yourself for whatever adventure you are going to be doing. He talks about eating right and putting the right stuff in your body to get your best performance -

24:52- Greg's diet. Greg talks about having a clean plant based whole food diet with little red meat and what it does for him personally. They also talk about how hard it is to eat clean in today's society -

33:58- Why Greg hunts. Greg talks about the experience he feels through hunting. He also shares one of the most memorable hunts he went on with his father and how he will cherish that memory forever. 

41:28- Greg's recent experience with his 5 year old son camping outside in the snow. He talks about cherishing those memories and taking the time to slow down and appreciate the little things.

46:44- What the wilderness and the outdoors mean to Greg.

49:38- Greg's Yukon Wild team and how fortunate he is to have the team he has by his side -

52:08- Greg's other team, his dog sled business that he does with his wife and what it's like to be around these dogs that are athletes as well - -

55:22- Greg's favorite place in the wilderness.

58:31- Wrapping up