Reed Schoedl has spent his life in the wilderness from fishing to hunting and has now created a company that encompasses his passion for the outdoors, Post Pursuit. Reed talks about what inspired him to start Post Pursuit and the many projects he does including wild game cooking and recipes, fly making and showing people that you can use every part of the animal to create everyday items. Reed shares what it was like growing up in Southern California where hunting was not the norm but, still pursuing his passion for hunting and fishing. We also talk about Reed's earliest memories of hunting with his dad, discovering his love for cooking and now passing down his hunting traditions to his sons.


:46- Brandon catches up and intros Reed Schoedl of Post Pursuit.

2:27- Reed's reasoning behind creating Post Pursuit and what the website offers. Reed talks about how important it is for him to harvest an animal and how it is just as important what you do after the harvest to make sure you use every part of the animal.

7:03- The overall experience of the hunt. Reed talks about the process for of hunting from planning the trip, being with friends and the mix of emotions he experiences of taking a life to sustain his own life.

9:46- Reed talks about growing up in Southern California where hunting was not the norm. He remembers not really talking about hunting but having a passion for it.

16:13- Post Pursuit. Learning how to use the entire animal and looking at wild game differently from cooking to the different ways to use everything you can for every day items. -

18:53- The biggest challenge that Reed has faced when learning to cook wild game and the different methods he has learned to make it taste really good -

20:42- Reed's childhood, his memories of hunting with his dad & being able to hunt big game at the age of 12.

28:32- The story of Reed's first deer hunt with his dad when he was 12, missing the deer and his dad taking the shot and then finally harvesting his own deer a year later.

35:08- Reed's experiences pig hunting and how it is so different fro hunting deer. Reed also talks about hunting solo for a long time and then finally finding a great hunting partner when he was 26. He shares the story of hunting jack rabbits with Sean and not realizing you can make it taste good.

42:21- Being connected to Jeremiah Doughty from Field to Plate and getting the opportunity to hunt with him. Reed talks about how nice it is to hunt with people who have the same ideologies and perspectives as him on hunting and wild game -

45:45- Reed's wife & kids. Reed talks about meeting his wife when he was 15 and the experience of recently duck hunting with his oldest son that he will cherish forever.

49:14- Reed's upcoming journey of moving, his next steps for Post Pursuit, and wanting to become a hunting guide. 

52:14- The different projects that Reed is doing with Post Pursuit besides just food. He talks about using the bones for stock, feathers for decorations and more. He also shares his passion for photography.

57:18- Wrapping up & where to find Reed and Post Pursuit -