This week we welcome Trevon Stoltzfus & Tanner Vernon of Outback Outdoors. If you aren't familiar with Outback Outdoors, the show is on it's 10th season on the Sportsman Channel. This podcast is full of important discussions, amazing adventures & a lot of laughs. We talk about the many issues we face as hunters these days within our own community and why it is so important for us to get back to the adventure and why we fell in love with hunting. Trevon talks about his passion for telling stories through his films and the problems he faces with getting permits for their hunts and what needs to change to allow smaller film crews access to public lands without a hefty bill. Trevon & Tanner also talk about the many films they are creating and share some of the extreme adventures they have faced along the way including an Ibex hunt in the Florida Mountain range of New Mexico that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We discuss balancing hunting and family, the amazing crews they get to work with and what they are excited about in 2018.


:57- Podcast start & intro Trevon Stoltzfus & Tanner Vernon of Outback Outdoors from the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. -

1:39- Trevon & Tanner talks about how the Western Hunt Expo has been this year & the Full Draw Film Tour that Outback Outdoors' film was featured in this year. Trevon talks about how much he enjoys making films because he gets to be a story teller. He talks about winning best moment for their film 2 Close 4 Comfort & the sequel that has been selected for next year's Full Draw Film Tour. - - -

9:43- Tanner & Trevon tell the story of how Trevon got involved in Field Producing Outback Outdoors in Colorado guiding them on an elk hunt.

12:37- The different areas in Colorado that are good to hunt elk & where you can go to find 400 class bulls. 

14:49- Trevon talks about why he has such a hard time hunting public lands while filming. They discuss the costs of getting film permits and what needs to change for small camera crews to be able to film on public lands as opposed to a large production that leave a big footprint. -

22:33- The disconnect hunters are facing these days. The group talks about the hunting community as a whole and why we need to get back to where it all started with the adventure and the love for the hunt instead of pointing fingers at each other.

30:49- Why they hunt. They each talk about why they hunt from the challenge & the experience to just loving to guide others.

38:01- Trevon talks about the Outback Outdoors film they are releasing this summer called The Return to the Rock An Ibex Adventure Part 2. He talks about the release of part 1 and what the experience was like filming the 1st hunt and then getting to go back to the same location in New Mexico. He talks about the adventure of the hunt after almost falling off the cliffs and then chasing Ibex all over the mountain until there was just 15 minutes left on the last day of the hunt.

47:08- How Trevon balances hunting, the TV show, his films and his family. He talks about the ups and downs he has had over the years with finding the balance and what it was like to hunt with his daughter this year.

53:23- What's on the horizon for Outback Outdoors for 2018 & the different films they are releasing. Trevon talks about the move to 3rd & 4th quarter on Friday nights on the Sportsman Channel and going into their 10th season. He also talks about all the other stuff they are doing with other companies for digital content. -

56:21- Trevon & Tanner talk about the different roles everyone plays when filming during a hunt and how nice it is to work with professionals who they consider family.

58:27- Tanner's ideas for the future with Outback Outdoors and his hopes for owning his own outfitting company one day to pursue his love for guiding.

01:00:40- Trevon's role at the CBA (Colorado Bowhunter's Association) Banquet as a keynote speaker.

01:02:35- Wrapping up & where to find Outback Outdoors. - - -