This week we welcome Elite Obstacle Course Racer and Endurance Athlete, Miguel Medina. Miguel is known for having numerous podium finishes in many OCR events including Spartan Race, World's Toughest Mudder, OCR World Championships and much more. But, Miguel hasn't always been racing towards the finish line. He shares his motivational story of how he put down the video game controller & took control of his life. Miguel talks about being diagnosed with severe Congenital Spinal Stenosis when he was 19 that progressed to the point where he could barely walk. Opting for surgery to relieve the pain, he ended up with a staph infection in his spine, and while in recovery, the only time he felt relief was when he was moving. He shares how he decided to keep moving and begin a new journey in life through endurance racing. Miguel also talks about becoming a medical interpreter and how rewarding it is for him to help families with linguistic barriers. Miguel is a passionate young athlete and a true inspiration for others to live life to the fullest. 


:56- Podcast start

2:26- Intro Miguel Medina, Elite Obstacle Course Racer & Endurance Athlete.

3:22- Miguel talks about the 5 minute burpie challenge he did and how he held the record for some time with 120+ burpies in 5 minutes. He also talks about how he loves competing in every thing he does -

9:07- How Miguel got into sports and the outdoors as a teen after growing up in the city and spending most of his time indoors.

13:09- Miguel's story of overcoming Spinal Stenosis. Miguel shares his story of having pain in his legs and feet as a teen and then being diagnosed with severe Congenital Spinal Stenosis when he was 19 and deciding to do surgery to relieve the pain. He shares his journey of getting a staph infection in his spine after the 1st surgery and having to get another surgery. He talks about the recovery process and the pivotal moment that changed his perspective on life. - 

20:10- Miguel talks about going to school to be a Medical Interpreter and knowing at a very young age that he could help people that had linguistic barriers. He talks about how rewarding it is to be there for people who need help understanding what is happening with their loved ones who are ill. -

29:09- Miguel talks about his involvement with SISU, what SISU is & what is means to him. He also shares that SISU is what got him involved in Spartan Races and and the Spartan Race Pro Team. - -  -

37:00- Miguel talks about his interest in hunting, why he thinks hunting would benefit him and why he thinks hunting is a lot like OCR.

45:18- Miguel's move to Durango, meeting his fiancé and falling in love with the outdoors after growing up in the city. He also talks about all the different things he likes to do in the outdoors and what the outdoors mean to him.

54:43- Brandon & Miguel talk about the Spartan Race athletes and how they are all different from body types to training regimens. - -

58:15- Miguel's hair change. Brandon asks Miguel and his new hair cut. Miguel talks about how difficult it was to compete in the races with his long hair and why he grew his hair long to standout from the rest.

01:01:45- Wrapping up & where to find Miguel if you have any questions about getting into endurance racing & OCR. - -