This weeks guest is truly inspiring. What he has overcome in his life is more than most people will ever have to face. Sidney Smith, was born with a rare disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a degenerative nerve disease that has effected him since he was a child. After years of surgeries and excruciating pain, Sidney made the life changing decision to amputate both of his legs. Since then, Sidney has relearned to walk, swim, run, bike and much more. He has set some amazing goals including competing in the Iron Man and has overcome every obstacle that has been in his way. Sidney talks about his disease & the amputations, the dark moments along the way and then pulling himself through and living an amazing life with the support of his friends and family. This podcast will inspire everyone to not give up whatever curve balls life throws your way.


:57- Intro Sidney Smith from the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City.

5:07- Sidney's childhood of hunting in Provo, Utah with his great grandfather, grandfather  & father and what they handed down to him that he is now passing down to his son.

11:30- Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Sidney talks about his very rare subtype of Charcot-Marie-Tooth that has been affecting him since he was twelve. He shares how the disease progressed over the years from damaged nerves & muscles to broken bones and the many surgeries he went through. He also talks about what it was like as a child to live with the disease and using his disability to his advantage through swimming -

17:04- Sidney talks about following in his dad's footsteps and finding a path in the hospitality industry. He talks about why he loved the industry and then making the decision to after 18 years to take a job in telecommunications about 6 months ago. 

20:56- Sidney talks about all the surgeries he went through before making the most difficult decision he has faced, to amputate both of his legs. He takes about the amputation process, what complications he faced and pulling through some dark times with the help of his friends and family -

27:35- How Sidney has worked as hard as he can to accomplish his goals of competing in triathlons all while keeping a positive attitude. He talks about how fitness has helped him through some tough times and why he wants to compete in the Iron Man -

29:59- Sidney talks about getting used to having no legs while swimming and what it was like to teach himself how to swim again.

32:42- Blade Runners. Sidney talks about the special legs (Blade Runners) that he used to run and the difficulties he has had learning how to run and walk again -

34:20- The struggles Sidney has faced in the back country hunting after the amputations and his recent experience of filming his hunt -

38:05- Sidney talks about who his heroes are including his father, Zac Griffith and other inspiring people that he looks up to.

41:54- Sidney talks about the future and where he sees himself going from here personally and in hunting.

45:31- Sidney talks about how he prepares himself for competitions and hunting and what he does to build up his legs for long distance running. He also talks about the phantom pain he experiences -

53:55- Wrapping up & Sidney talks about what the Wilderness means to him. Visit to donate for Sidney's marathon race in June to cover the cost for someone to receive 1 running leg!  Please help #LendaLeg - -