For most, this week's guest does not need an introduction but, for those who have not heard of Jason Matzinger, he is an award winning Film and Television Producer and host of Into High Country on the Sportsman Channel. We have been waiting for the perfect time to air this podcast and today is a great day, because Jason's new film #PROJECTELK, will be played in Denver at the Avalanche vs Wild hockey game.

Jason has spent most of his life in the outdoors telling the story of "the hunter" through his films and videos. Jason shares his journey from growing up in the woods of Bozeman, Montana and having a love for hunting & the outdoors since early on. He talks about how he got into producing films and why he felt the hunting TV shows at that time, were just not getting it right, and wanting to change that. We talk about ethics and how important it is to be an ethical hunter and keep a conservational mindset in everything you do, his recent meeting with the Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke and his upcoming films that he is excited about. Jason is the definition of Wilderness Attitude and we are excited for you to learn more about what makes him tick.


:56- Intro Jason Matzinger from Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah.

3:21- Jason's involvement in Project Mule Deer mini series and now the film and how much time Jason spends putting his stories together for his films all while staying true to himself and the story -

6:41- The importance of ethics & conservation today. Brandon & Jason talk about how you constantly have to be thinking about what you are doing all the time and always being respectful of animals and the outdoors through having a conservational mindset at all times. -

11:57- Jason's meeting with the Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and what they discussed about the future of private lands and the bill that was just signed. Jason talks about how great the meeting was and how passionate Mr. Zinke was for the future of sportsman and mule deer hunting - - 

19:13- Getting involved. They talk about the different organizations that are out there locally & state wide for conservation and ethics. - - - - Jason talks about an interview he did with Emmett Buroughs, the Founder of the Mule Deer Foundation, about how he started the Mule Deer Foundation from $200 he got from a group of friends -

25:00- Jason's background of how he got into the outdoors growing up in Bozeman, Montana. He talks about basically being born in the outdoors and how it helped him be able to do what he is doing today -

27:34- Jason talks about hunting with his dad when he was a kid and the memories he has from those days. He also talks about juggling sports, injuries and hunting as a teenager.

35:37- The moment Jason realized he wanted to pursue what he is doing today through his films and videos. He talks about being a hunting guide and watching other hunting shows and feeling like they just weren't getting it right. He wanted to be able to tell what he believed were the true hunting stories. He shares the journey he went on to get to where he is today.

42:00- The process Jason went through to portray what he wanted to capture and learning that people want to more about him. He talks about turning the camera on himself and now being in his films and videos to get his beliefs and message out there.

49:08- What's next for Jason. Jason talks about his upcoming projects including the #ProjectMuleDeer, The Circle of Life and Both Sides of The Fence.

56:50- What's coming up for Jason outside of his films. He talks about getting the opportunity to take his oldest son hunting this year and how excited he is to experience what he loves with his son.

01:00:07- Wrapping up, thanks to fans and where to find Jason -