Continuing our Fitness week, we have Personal Trainer & man of many hats, Ty Hoelzen. Not only is he a Personal Trainer but he is also a Firefighter, Baseball Coach, Miss Nevada Coach, Business Owner and much more. Ty talks about juggling all of his passions, what it takes to be a personal trainer and how to get healthy through diet & exercise the correct way. Brandon & Ty also talk about what Train to Hunt & Wilderness Athlete have done to improve their lives and how the hunting community has become their family. We cover so much about health, fitness & getting outside in this podcast, it is a fun one!


1:34- Intro Ty and all the hats he wears, including a Personal Trainer, Firefighter, High school Baseball Coach, Miss Nevada Coach, Business Owner and more. 

5:21- How Ty Juggles everything on his plate including being a father and what he does for Train to Hunt & Wilderness Athlete.

6:25- What it takes to be a personal trainer and what methods Ty uses to train his athletes. He also talks about how to get back into training after being out of it for awhile and how important the basics are in fitness.

17:49- How easy it is to workout without a lot of fancy equipment, even while on vacation or on the road and how to do it properly- all you need sometimes is a sandbag, a box, barbells.

23:36- Ty & Brandon talk about Train to Hunt and how Ty got involved with the company. They also talk about how Train to Hunt has changed their bodies and life as discuss how eating properly doesn't have to be expensive.

37:00- The trade show experience and how great it is to meet so many amazing people and what the overall feel is like to be in the hunting family.

40:04- How Ty got into the outdoors through his dad & brother and how he has fallen in love with hunting and the wilderness.

43:25- The tag process & how it differs state to state. They also talk about how some people wait 20+ years for a tag that others who have only waited a few years get.

49:25- Ty's favorite animal to hunt, what his bucket list animal is and how it is never too late to get into hunting.

55:54- The family aspect of Train to Hunt and how it has changed so many people's lives. They also talk about how nice it is to encourage your competitors.

01:00:20- What the wilderness means to Ty & what it is like to be around so many like minded people and grow relationships with them.

01:04:24- Wrapping up and how to get involved in the Wilderness Athlete #wildgoals and win some awesome prizes.