We all know once January is over, our drive to stick to New Year's goals starts dwindling. So we decided this week will be fitness week and we are starting it off with Personal Trainer & Owner of Illete Fitness, Drew Malhmood and his wife Stephanie who is a Gymnastics Coach.  We cover nutrition as a whole and how easy it is to eat well without neglecting food, how different foods work well together to create a synergistic effect and how you should always be changing your nutrition & fitness routines. We also talk about how bad the microwave can be over a long period of time, Drew's new cookbook and ways you can stick to your fitness goals. 


1:14- Intro Stephanie & Drew Malhmood

3:44- Drew's background in fitness and becoming an owner of Illete Fitness in Durango, Colorado.

5:03- How the food & nutrition world is always changing, knowing what myths are out there and how hard it is to be healthy these days with GMO's and gluten.

7:50- The different certifications Drew has including personal training, strength & conditioning and neurokinetic therapy. He explains what neurokinetic therapy is and how you can manipulate the neuro connection between your mind and your muscles and how it differs person to person - http://bit.ly/2E6TNLz

14:48- Stephanie's background in athletics & as a gymnastics coach and what she does personally to stay fit. She also talks about the different programs she teaches through gymnastics.

20:27- Drew's new cookbook he is working on. He talks about how he has tried every "diet" and food program out there and taking what he has learned through weight loss, body building and general fitness nutrition and implementing it into a new cookbook. He talks about how different foods can work well together and the synergistic effects that you can get - http://bit.ly/2E9o2Sd

26:33- Drew & Stephanie talk about how bad a microwave can be for you long term. They decided to put what they had heard to the test and not microwave anything for 30 days. They found that they had more energy, felt fuller longer and just felt better in general - http://bit.ly/2EoitTf

34:12- Drew talks about how incorporating different spices into you meals can effect the way your body treats the food you are eating and why people shouldn't shy away from eating organic because they think it is too expensive - http://bit.ly/2nOZBCshttp://bit.ly/2nEKBaX

40:50- What the next step is after altering the way you eat and how training & nutrition should be always changing since our lifestyles are always changing. He also talks about how different foods can make you feel and how your body can react to foods that are cooked in different ways - http://bit.ly/2siwm0t

48:27- How to train for different body types and why it is so important to change up your fitness instead of doing the same thing all the time - http://bbcom.me/2GYWd0Mhttp://bit.ly/2nJdl2h

59:10- Ways to effectively set goals for yourself in training and what Brandon, Drew & Stephanie's goals are for 2018.

01:15:03- Wrapping up & how to leave a podcast review.